Friday, 27 March 2015

MAC Amplified lipstick Chatterbox, Review, Photos And Swatches

Assalam o Alaikum,

Hope you are doing well girls.
I am talking about my favorite pink lipstick today for spring and summer.

MAC Chatter box is a beautiful pink shade.

Chatterbox has an amplified creme finish. Packaged in traditional MAC black bullet casing that is travel friendly as well. Has soft vanilla scent which is typical of MAC lipsticks and I like it too.

Its been a year that I bought it but I have mostly used it in spring and summer months.

Now coming to my experience of this lipstick.
After packaging the most important thing is the color and texture.

As you can see it is such a beautiful pink color, perfect for summer. It is a cool toned  bright pink color but not as bright as neon.

The texture is very creamy. You can always count on its crramy texture and pigmentation as well.Glides on so smoothly on my lips. No tugging and doesn't accentuate fine lines at all.
The formula is opaque so it builds perfect color in just one swipe.

Although it is s blue toned pink color but it is perfect for my complexion and doesn't feel like washed out at all.
Rather it adds a glow and freshness to my face.

Lasting power of this lipstick is also very good. It stays for almost 5 hours on my lips. Fades away with a beautiful pink stain.

I bought it for PKR 2200 from dwatsons F-10 Islamabad.

Overall its a beautiful pink shade with good pigmentation and lasting power.  I personally love it very much.

How did you like my today's post.
What is your favorite pink lipstick?

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My first ever online haul

Hi ladies,

I am very excited about my today's post. It is about my first ever online haul.

Yes. I was never into online shopping.
Because of many reasons. First of all i was sceptic about the authenticity of websites and online pages. Secondly most of the international websites don't deliver to Pakistan. And in case if they deliver, the delivery charges are very high.

But in recent past I have seen many online pages in Pakistan to shop from. Also read very satisfactory reviews from different bloggers.
So I was encouraged and thought to give it a try. As there are so much mouthwatering treats available online (talking about makeup items).

So while going through different online pages I came across
Javaahir Accessories store.

Javaahir Accessories store is a Facebook page and it offers a variety of products from renowned international brands. The lady there is nice and cooperative. I picked following things from Javaahir:

Real Techniques core collection brushes
BH cosmetics day and night eye shadow palette
The balm blush cabana boy
The balm Mary loumanizer
Nyx lipstick in haute melon

I was told that it will reach in 3- 4 days to me. I finalized my order on Sunday and I got my parcel on Wednesday exactly on third day as promised.

All products are nice and I love them all. I ordered haute melon by nyx but received margarita. I told the lady and she apologized that it was done by mistake. She offered me to refund but I have kept that lipstick too coz it is also nice shade.
One more thing that I received in my parcel was a surprise gift a foundation sponge, other than my ordered items. It was really a nice surprise.

So that was all about my first online haul. Hope you like it.

Do tell me in comments section.

Take care and stay blessed.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cherry Review

Hello lovelies,

Enjoying pleasant weather? I love spring. I get some positive vibes from this season. Its so energetic so refreshing. Do you feel the same?

OK now coming to today's post. I am going to talk about Vaseline lip therapy.
It says " protects dry chapped lips".
It is a tube that contains 10 g of product. When you open the cap you see the tube is rounded and it has a little hole to squeeze the product out.

I got the one in cherry. But seriously I don't feel any smell of cherry also it is colorless. I thought it might have a hint of color just to give a fresh look. But no color.

Now coming to my experience of the product. My lips are very dry. I have to keep them moisturized all the time otherwise they get flaky.
The name lip therapy attracted me to buy this. After applying on my lips it makes them soft and hydrated. But after some time it kinda wears off. Doesn't stay longer on my lips. And then my lips start getting dry again.
I have to apply it again and again which I don't like.

The hole through which the product comes out is too small so you have to press hard.

One more thing after using it almost for a week I noticed that the tube started getting leaked from the lower end. That was very awful coz I was squeezing the tube from the back while putting the rounded end on my lips to apply and the product was coming out in my hands. All the tube became messy. So now after that whenever I apply this , much more product gets wasted from the back end every time. I was expecting more from this lip therapy.

Anyways it is good to protect your lips from dryness and flakiness just like a lip balm. But its not kind of a therapy.

Have you ever used Vaseline lip therapy?
What's your favorite lip balm?
Do tell me in comments section.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 Total Repairing Masque Review

Hello girls,

Hope you all are doing well.

My today's post is about Loreal Paris hair masque total 5.

My hair have become very dry and frizzy for the last couple of months. These days I mostly stay at home so the use of iron, dryer, hair sprays is very less. I could not find out the root cause of my hair getting dry and frizzy.
Anyways to combat this problem I wanted some leave in conditioner so that I could spare my time in styling them. I went to get a leave in conditioner but came back home with this hair repairing masque.

Loreal Paris total repairing mask total 5 fights 5 signs of damage.
These 5 damages are:
1. Hair fall
5.Split ends

It claims that New total repair 5 repairing masque comes with ceramide-cement. It repairs and intensely nourishes your hair. Day after day your hair is as if repaired and protected from the 5 signs of hair damage. Its a 2 minutes intensive treatment for damaged hair. You have to massage it into washed and towel dryed hair and leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse with water.

Now coming to my experience of this product.
You can see the hair masque is in plastic tub container which doesn't look cheap at all. Its consistency is thick creamy and with it you can easily massage into the air. The fragrance is very mild and not bad at all.

I am using it for the last two months. I use it twice a week. In my towel dryed hair I apply this masque with my fingers in the roots of my hair. First I apply it in all my hair. Then I massage it very softly in the roots. Be careful while massaging in wet hair because if you apply too much pressure you might break your hair from the roots.
It says to leave in hair for two minutes but after massaging I wash my hair after five minutes.

Now coming to the most important part that is the result.
As I don't have split ends and hair fall problem so I cannot say about stopping hairfall and no split ends claim. As far as dryness and frizziness is concerned, after using it I feel my hair softer and less frizzy. I feel my hair more manageable as now I require less time if I want to iron them.
But in my case it does not remove frizziness and dryness completely. I do feel the difference which is very much noticeable to me in terms of softness and less frizzy hair.

I bought it for PKR 350 from dwatsons. And I think the price is very reasonable.

Overall it is a good addition into my hair care routine. And I recommend it to the people having minimum to medium damaged hair. As it will work good for them.

Do tell me about my today's post and what is your hair care routine?

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pareesa Spring collection 2015, by Chenone

Hi ladies,

Hope you all are doing well.

I planned this post to publish the last week but due to busy schedule could not do so.

It the time when winter is almost at its end and Spring is around the corner. Although all seasons have their own beauty and attractions. But spring is the most beautiful season among all.

Beautiful colors all around. Very moderate and pleasant weather. Now you can go out in the evenings and even during day time. Wear beautiful fresh colors in your dress and makeup. No tension that your skin will look dry or it will start sweating.

Just enjoy this weather because it stays for a very short span of time and soon summers will be there.

I love spring. Love the freshness and the energy that it gives.

Now coming to my today's post. You must have seen our famous clothing brands who have launched their spring / summer collection 2015.

The brand I am talking about today is Pareesa by Chenone. Pareesa clothing brand was launched in 2009 and since then it has become famous among women of all ages.

It offers exclusive clothing range for women specially for Spring / Summer attires.

There are beautiful geometrical, floral and some very eye catchy prints in beautiful colors. It is available in stores now.

You can check Pareesa by Chenone Spring/ Summer 2015 collection in all Chenone outlets nationwide.
You can also check them online
And their Facebook page

Go check out Pareesa collection. I have my eyes on some very classy prints. And I am sure you will find one for yourself as well.

Do let me know how did you like their collection?

(This post is neither sponsored nor paid.)

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Masarrat Misbah Makeup Launching Soon

Hello girls ,

Hope you all are doing well.

My today's post is about an exciting news that I am going to share with all of you.

Pakistan's pioneer and legendary name in makeup industry Massarrat Misbah is going to launch her makeup brand by the name MM. It is Halal certified makeup brand.

Isn't it exciting?

I am such a big fan of Massarrat Misbah. She is such a beautiful and hardworking lady. She is the driving force behind Depilex group of companies.

Today Depilex is a brand known not only at the national level but also at the international level.

The brand MM will be launched soon.And initially it would be available online.

Looking forward to experiencing some beautiful colors and textures in lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, blushers and other makeup.

And best of luck to Massarrat Misbah and team. Our prayers are with you.

Stay happy and blessed.

(Pictures courtesy: Masarrat Misbah Makeup)

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