Monday, 27 February 2017

Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection 2017

Hi girls,

Hope all are good and enjoying change in weather.

Although summer has not started yet but lawn has already arrived. Lawn is a fabric which most ladies love to wear in summers. Lawn is no longer just any fabric that you wear to cool off in the summer and feel comfortable in the heat, rather it has become a fashion statement. 
Printed lawn suits are just as expensive as silks and chiffons. 

There are some brands that are pioneers in the lawn industry. These are the big names whom customers trust for their fabric quality, fast colours and beautiful prints. But they are very expensive as well.

There was a time, when a lawn suit was available in every clothing shop at reasonable prices which every woman could afford. Every one could wear these dresses but this is not the case anymore. This is due to the introduction of the designer lawn. Almost every designer has now introduced their lawn prints. The women want to grab the best prints before others get hold of them and there are many instances of cat fights that we have witnessed last year. 

Every year the prices of the lawn prints are increased in thousands but still this cannot stop women to get their hands on their favourite prints.

Among all those expensive designer brands there is one brand that offers unique designs and prints at affordable prices. Al- Zohaib textiles is the brand that gives you style and cost-effectiveness at one place. 
 Anum Lawn 2017 is a collection of lawn prints with beautiful and eye catching colour palette. It contains all the coloirful hues of soft, pastels and bright ones too.

Al- Zohaib Anum lawn collection

 Al-Zohaib Anum lawn collection has a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and the diverse range of quality fabric to be worn at different times of a day and also at different occasions.

 Pakistani lawn suits  are well known for their beautiful prints and comfortable fabric to beat the heat of scorching months of summer. That is the reason why not only Pakistani but many other Asian women living around the world like Pakistani lawn dresses.

Spring is around the corner and all the top designers are ready to launch their summer lawn collection. And we should get ready to witness all this lawn fever for the next 6, 7 months. But if you want to buy beautiful prints but at affordable prices then Anum lawn by Al-Zohaib textiles is the best option.

This is all for today. I hope you like my post and it might be helpful if you are planning to buy lawn suits this summer.

Take care and stay happy.

Monday, 13 February 2017

My Latest Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share my latest haul with all of you.
Although I don't buy too much make up brushes, because I am very much satisfied with what I have. They are really doing a great job and I am not going to replace them.

Last month while looking for some products on different online stores, I came across a very cute brush set. And I couldn't resist my self at purchasing it.

It is a hello Kitty pink brush set. I really liked the packaging, a tin container which looks so adorable. Besides packing and container box, the brushes themselves look so cute with pink handles and white and pink bristles.

The lady was sweet enough and she sent me a set of pink ear studs too as a gift for purchasing first time from her. Really like this gesture.

I don't know about the quality of brushes because I haven't tried them yet. But I hope that they will perform well. Will be sharing my experience about these brushes soon.

The price of this set was PKR 650/.

That was all about today's short post.
Till next time take care and stay blessed.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Press Release: PTV To Launch Drama Serial ‘FARZ’

Hello everyone,

With all the private drama channels perpetually portraying woman as a vulnerable and helpless creature to win more ‘rating points’, PTV is all set to challenge the trend by presenting a powerful and progressive female protagonist in its upcoming mega drama serial ‘Farz’ set to start from 6th February (Monday) at 7:45 pm on PTV Home.

Written by a young and promising playwright Aamir Raza the 17-episode drama serial is directed by the maestro Kashif Nisar who is known for handling sensitive subjects sensibly and convincingly. ‘Farz’ is a latest production of Sixth Sense Communications that is well known for its issue-based communications through entertainment with thought provoking products ‘Kis Se Kahoon’ and ‘Aasha – Ik Umeed’ to its credit; that also ran on PTV Home.

The protagonist is a girl next door who takes charge of her life and becomes an epitome of success and courage for the weaker gender. The character of Aliya brilliantly played by Sonia Mishal, shows how, fighting back patriarchy and discrimination at every level, she rises to become a police officer to steer her life through.

Sonia is supported by brilliant artistes including Nauman Ijaz, Qavi Khan, Saleem Mairaj, Inayat Khan, Amna Malik, Azra Aftab, Iftikhar Iffi and Aymi Khan – a team that promises a gripping drama serial.

The sub-plot of crime and extortion adds to the pace and suspense of the play while another romantic track unveils the hidden truth of exploitation and domestic violence Pakistani women have to suffer through.

While majority of popular drama channels daily showing women being brutalised and abused by men and, conversely, men are depicted as the exclusive decision-makers, PTV’s ‘Farz’ is an effort to counter this trend and encourage Pakistani woman to lead its life with honour and dignity.

That's all for now.Till next time, take care and stay blessed.