Sunday, 27 November 2016

Special Winter Recipe: Spicy Baked Fish

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Since I love baking and I have been posting my baked food pics on my social media for quite a while. And it was very much appreciated by my readers. A friend of mine asked me to share the recipes of my baking on the blog. It was a very nice suggestion and I decided to share my personal recipes. I love baking but I don't like to spend hours in the kitchen, so my recipes would be quick, easy and with less prep time.

So here I am with my first mouth watering recipe on my blog.
Who doesn't like fish........? I mean nobody can say no to a steamy hot, baked savory fish with appetizing aroma.

Ok now without further ado let's go to the recipe.


*Fish fillets                        1/2 kg
*Garlic paste                     1 tsp
*Crushed red chilli           (to taste)
*Green chilli                       1
*Black pepper                    (to taste)
*Salt.                                    (to taste)
*Lemon juice                      1 tsp.  
*Chaat masala                   1/2 tsp
*Ajwain                              1pinch                       


Now the method is very easy. Just mix all above mentioned ingredients in a bowl. Make a mixture of these. Put all fish fillets in the bowl and coat them with entire mixture. Make sure that each side of the fillets is properly coated.
Leave it for at least 3-4 hours, so that the fillets get all flavours and aromas of spices. The best thing would be if you leave the coated fillets overnight to get the best flavours.
Now cover the baking tray with aluminium foil and place it back in the oven. Preheat the oven at 180C for fifteen minutes.( The temperature and time may vary depending on the brand and model).
After that put fillets on the baking tray, and bake it for 20- 30 minutes at 200C. After half time turn the fillets upside down. In the last couple of minutes you can check the colour of the fillets, if they need more colour then you can increase the temperature setting.
Your spicy baked fish is ready. Serve it hot with any dip or sauce you like.

Spicy Baked Fish Recipe
Spicy Baked Fish
Spicy Baked Fish

That is all for today girls. Do try this recipe, and give me your feedback. I am sure that you and your family will love it.

Take care and stay happy.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Black Friday 2016 Fever About To Begin

Hi girls,
Hope all is well at your end.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day and the Friday before Cyber Monday in the United States. It is a busy shopping day and  a holiday in some states. 
Until a few years ago, Black Friday was a tradition exclusive to the people living in USA, but now, retailers all over the world are getting involved.
The term “Black Friday” was started in the 1960s to kickoff  the Christmas shopping season.Since the start of the Thanksgiving Day in 1924, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a holiday season.
That was brief history about black Friday. Black Friday is not only in USA now , it has become a global trend. Last year this trend came to Pakistan also. This year too, many retailers are offering special cut off prices. Huge discounts like up to 50% off prices are offered to attract the customers. In this way their sales are increased and on the other hand customers get goods at discounted prices. So it is a win -win situation for both sides.

 Black Friday 2016 is starting in Pakistan from 25th November to 28th November.
Many retailers are offering huge discounts to attract the customers. Many people all over the world wait for the black Friday to get the benefit of those low prices.

With the increase in Online shopping in Pakistan  , people don't have to wait in the long ques for their turn, or they don't need to waste the time. Now you can search for the retailers online that are offering Black Friday discounts and then shop for anything you want from the comfort of your home and enjoy those low prices.

This online shopping trend has made life easier..... isn't it? More and more consumers are choosing to shop online these days. Because now everything is available online like jewelry, crockery, electronic items, cosmetics, designer dresses, furniture and much more. If any thing is out of stock in a retail store, and you need it badly, then you have so many options available online. You can check different online stores for the availability of that specific item, compare them on the basis of quality and price, and most important is that customer reviews will help you in making final decision.

In short black Friday is almost here. Every one has a wish list. Check online stores and grab your favorite products at amazingly low prices before they get out of stock.

That is all for today. Till next time, take care and stay happy.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix In Shade Poppin Review, Photos And Swatches

Hello everyone,

Today the product under the spot light is from Colourpop.The hype surrounding this US-based brand is huge on social media and beauty gurus and Youtubers. It is a brand which has become very popular in a very short span of time due to it's quality products and reasonable prices.

Today I am sharing my experience of lippie stix in shade Poppin. This shade was launched as a limited edition but now it has become permanent (most probably because of its much raving).

I will start with packaging. It comes in card board box with shade name mentioned at the bottom. Lippie stix inside is in the shape of sleek pen and in white colour which looks very decent to me. You have to pull the cap to open it and it closes with a click sound making it secure to throw in your travel bag or hand bag. Also it's Sleek pen shaped design makes it easy to slip into any small pocket. I like it's packaging and overall look.

Colourpop Lippie Stix In Shade Poppin

After opening the cap you have to twist it up and a cylindrical lippie shows up, which is also in cylindrical shape. The lippie tip is slanting which makes it easy to draw the outline as well without using any lip liner.I really like the idea of this sleek cylindrical design, very different from traditional Lipsticks.

Colourpop Lippie Stix In Shade Poppin

The lippie is totally matte, and you have to prep your lips before applying it , if they are dry. Exfoliate them very well otherwise you will have to face your flaky lips afterwards.
The shade Poppin is hot pink . And I really like it because there is not even slight touch of fuschia or mauve in it. It is true hot pink shade, which I was looking for a long time and now really happy about my decision to purchase it.

Although it is matte finish but glides on very smoothly, no tugging or pulling at all. The formula is very light weight and does not feel like you have applied any thing on your lips. The matte finish that it gives is really love.
Staying power is quite good, it can survive almost the whole day with a very slight fading. It can also survive drinks and meals, but after having oily meal or if you are licking your lips again and again then you will observe fading of colour, but that too doesn't makes the colour completely disappeared from your lips. A light shade of hot pink is left behind that gives a natural look. I am very much impressed by its staying power, because there are many Lipsticks that last for an average of 2-3 hours.

Colourpop Lippie Stix In Shade Poppin
Colourpop Lippie Stix In Shade Poppin

You can see in the above pictures, how beautiful is the shade. After watching it's swatches i could not resist purchasing it.

Only thing that bothers me is my dry lips. Because the lippie stix is a matte finish I have to exfoliate my lips and then apply lots of lip balm underneath. Also I have to retouch slightly with transparent lip balm after every 2- 3 hours to keep my lips well hydrated. And if I don't reapply lip balm I can see flaky lips around the inner rim. This is what I don't blame any lipstick, I have to apply lip balm again and again through out the day to get rid of that dryness.

I bought it from an online store for PKR 900. Overall I love the shade and texture of this lippie and would recommend to anyone who like to flaunt this bold shade, a true hot pink. This shade is now added in my winter staple lippies.

That is all about today. Hope you like it. Send me your feedback. Love reading it.

Till next time, take care and stay warm.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Press Release: Hub Luxe Collection

Hi everybody,

HUB is proud to present their new Luxe Collection, a premium range of pure leather handbags for the discerning customer.

Distinguished by exquisite craftsmanship and chic design, this limited edition collection includes clutches, shoulder bags and totes. Crafted in luxurious real leather, this sophisticated range is hand-made to meticulous specifications. HUB Luxe combines sophistication and luxury in its bags, whether you are looking for timeless daywear or a striking statement.

As Pakistan’s leading leather goods brand, with eleven outlets around the country, HUB offers a staggering array of leather accessories, from belts and wallets to handbag and clothing. The HUB Luxerange uses the brand’s considerable expertise to create bags that are on a par with any international label. Premium cowhide is carefully treated to enhance its natural beauty, using sophisticated techniques to introduce exotic finishes. The elegant structures are enhanced by superior hardware imported from Italy. Rust-resistant, smooth and stylish, the Italian zips, locks and chains complement the artisanal beauty of the bags.

Iconic super-model Fouzia Aman is the face of the HUB Luxe campaign, personifying the chic urban beauty of the collection. The campaign was shot by Jaffer Hassan and styled by Nabila N-Pro.

The HUB Luxe range is available exclusively at select flagship stores in Karachi and Lahore.”

That's all for today. Take care and stay blessed.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Skin Care Tips For Cold And Dry Weather

Hi girls,
Hope you all are doing great.

Weather has changed a lot. This change in weather brings many other changes in our life as well. Our clothes, food, drinks  and a lot other things get changed in winters.
When so many things are changed then there should be a change in our skin care regimen as well. Because every weather has its own requirements and our skin needs more care in dry weather.

For people having dry skin this weather brings dry, stiff, cracked, flaky skin. And sometimes the condition becomes worst when not taken care of. People with normal and combination skin may not face that worst condition like eczema but still they can feel general dryness or skin tightening. The thing is whatever your skin type is, you must take care of it to keep it healthy and glowy.

Here are some tips that will help you in this regard.

**Moisturization is the key. Don't skip it even if you have oily or combination skin. Cleansing and moisturizing make a foundation for a beautiful skin. If you have oily skin, you can use a very mild moisturizer that too water based, and after application you can wipe off excess with the help of tissue or cotton balls. People having dry skin should opt for intensive moisturizing cream/lotion , try those that are oil based. But choose the oil with care because not all oils can be good for your skin.

( pictures source: Google)

** Never forget to apply sunscreen before going out. And if you have to stay for a longer time in direct sunlight then reapply it after some hours.

** In extreme cold days the use of heaters is a must to make us and our home cozy and warm. Unfortunately these heaters take away all the moisture in the air making our skin more dry. The best thing to avoid it is the use of humidifiers. They get moisture in the air so keeping your skin safe from getting more dry.  You can retain moisture even if there is no humidifiers. Simply put some water in a bowl and place it in the room or close to heater. This will prevent the heat from the heater to suck moisture from the air.

** In the same way, never use too hot water for washing face/ hands or taking bath. This hot water takes away all the moisture from the skin leaving it super dry and it also makes complexion darker. Use Luke warm or hot water and avoid "too hot" water.

** If you have to wash your hands again and again then it will also leave your hand's skin dry. Instead of using soap every time try using hand sanitizer. And after every wash use moisturizer right away.

**Moisturize your skin every 2-3 hours if you feel tightening even without washing your hands or face. This happens in the case of very dry skin. So keep them well hydrated because skin gets dehydrated because of that dry weather  and you need to replenish the moisture again and again.

** If you are doing some water intensive work like washing dishes or clothes, then use gloves. Otherwise those washing liquids and detergents will ruin your hands.

** In winters change your face wash too. Use soap free or non foaming cleansers. Your regular face wash can make your skin feeling stiff. But if you don't want to use cleanser only, then use face wash that has less soap content.

**If you exfoliate your skin regularly, then give it a pace. Don't skip it totally because exfoliation can help get rid of dry flaky skin. Just use very mild exfoliator and apply with soft hands.

** If you have dry skin than at night use heavy moisturizing cream on face , hands and feet. You can add a few drops of oil in it as well . This will work whole night and in the morning you will get a soft and hydrated skin.

** And last but most important is whenever you wash your hands and face, use moisturizer right away when they are still damp. This way the moisture gets locked in to the skin making it more soft.

That is all for today. I hope today's tips will help you in the winter to take better care of your skin. How you take care of your skin in dry , cold weather? Leave feedback in comments.

Take care and stay happy.

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