Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bell Precision Stay On Eye Liner Pencils Review, Photos,Swatches

Hi sweeties,

Its getting hot day by day here. Everyone tries to avoid heavy makeup specially in hot and humid weather. We cannot totally avoid going out. The best thing is to use those colors in your make up that give a cool and fresh effect to your face.

Today I am going to review two of my favorite eye pencils that I mostly use in summers.

These two pencils are Precision stay on eye liner pencils by Bell. This brand must be new to many of you girls. Its a Polish brand and available at drugstores st reasonable price.
I have 03 Sky blue shimmer and 04 Aquamarine shimmer.

I have already used a lipstick by Bell in beautiful coral pink shade and emptied it. Now let's see how's the performance of these eye liners.

These Precision eyeliners come in a twist up pencil with a secure cap. The packaging of these pencils is silver and looks beautiful. At the bottom the shade no. is written, also the lower end of the liner is of the shade color making it easy to pick up the color you want. The cap closes with a click sound. You can see these liners look like if purchased yesterday although I bought them last year. They were put in my makeup pouch and you can see no scratches at all. So I give full marks to packaging.

(The upper swatch Aquamarine shimmer, lower swatch Sky blue shimmer)
As you can see in the pictures the liners are very pigmented. You can build intense color in 2-3 swipes.
The texture is very creamy and glides on smoothly. No pulling or tugging. They stay put for a long time on my eyes. Around 6-7 hours. There is a little bit of shimmer in them which is not noticeable on application.

I apply these liners on my lower lash line to give a pop of color to my eyes. And these colors really add brightness to my face. I also use them as a second liner on upper lash line which also gives a beautiful fresh look.

Overall I must say that I really like them and definitely will be adding some more colors from this line in my collection.

So girls do you like my today's post?
Have you tried this brand? Do tell me in comments section.

Stay happy and blessed.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

My Recent Mini Haul

Assalam o Alaikum,

Hope you all are having a good time

Today I am going to share with you some of my purchases that I have done recently.

First of all I bought Visibly clear Pink Grapefruit cream wash by Neutrogena.
I am using sunscreen by Neutrogena these days and I am very satisfied with it. So when I saw this cream wash in the store , I thought to give this one a try.

Next is a Pears Pure and gentle soap. Its price is PKR 90.

And the last one is Tresemme shampoo for dry and frizzy hair. I had finished my previous shampoo. Although I was very much satisfied with my last shampoo that was Timotei shimmer shine. While searching on net I saw this one. It claims to remove frizz and dryness. It contains silk proteins and argan oil for dry frizz prone hair. So I bought this to try out. I bought it for PKR 380 from dwatsons.

That was all for today. Have you tried any of these products?

Stay happy and blessed.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick in Fair Review, Photos, Swatches

Hi lovelies,

Today I am going to talk about the concealer that I am using these days. It is a stick concealer by Avon in Fair. I am using it almost for the last one and a half year.

It is housed in black cylindrical shaped long  casing. The cap closes with a click sound making it secure to keep it in your bag for travel purpose or touch ups. There is nothing written on the tube. You can check the company and the shade name on the sticker pasted on the base of the tube.

Inside there is twist up concealer stick which is neither too small nor too big, reasonably sized in diameter to apply at the problem areas of your face.

I have the shade Fair which is very light and matches my skin tone.

The texture is nice and creamy and applies smoothly. It gives full coverage to the dark circles and other spots on face. It can also be used to lighten your pigmented lips.

I apply it in the form of dots on my face where required. Mostly I use it around my eyes then blend it with my fingers. It blends easily and perfectly matches my skin tone. As it is a stick concealer and my skin is dry so I don't apply too much of it to avoid looking chalky and cakey.
Also some girls might fear of looking cakey while applying stick concealer. So don't worry at all. Here is a tip. Always apply at the problem areas in dots form, and not all over the face. And secondly blend it by adding just a little bit of moisturizer( not too much) that you use. I again say just a little bit because too much will make it kinda wear off. So this is the trick that I use and never found my concealer looking chalky at all.( you also try this trick and do tell me). But if you use too much then it will accentuate your fine lines.

I really like this concealer. Just a bad thing happened to it is that the stick has slightly moved from the base I can feel it a little bit loose while twisting up now. But you know its become almost a year and a half I am using it and mostly put in my makeup pouch so its not a big thing.

Overall I would say that I like this concealer stick and recommend it to any one.
The price is PKR 1200 and easily available at drugstores and super markets.

Have you tried Avon concealer stick. And which is your favorite concealer?

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Favorite Accessories!

Hi beauties,

Today I wanted to talk about something different. I mean up till now I have done reviews of cosmetics and hair care products. I didn't do anything about jewelry or accessories.

So today I am in a mood to talk about some of my favorite items.

I haven't bought any of these things recently so don't remember the prices. So please excuse me for that.

My first two favorite things are two beautiful rings. I mostly wear these when going out. Bought black one from Jinnah Super F-7 and turquoise one from Aabpara market.

Next is a colorful set of bangles. I was so attracted to the colors and the shape of these bangles that I quickly bought the set from a local jewelry shop.

Look at this wrist band. So beautiful. The colors and the flowers on those beads give a fresh look. It is also one of my staples. Bought this one too from Super Market F-6.

These cute little earrings. I am a hooker of small tops/ earrings with white stones. I have dozens of such little cute ones. But have a hard luck in that case. Some times a stopper from a pair gets misplaced and sometimes it doesn't remain a pair (one earring from the pair misplaced). So I have many of them that I can't wear now. Aaaaaah.... sad story....

So these were some of my favorite accessories.
I will do such favorites post in future too inshaAllah.

Do you like my post?
Love reading your comments.

Till next post , take care.
Stay blessed.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Timotei Shimmer Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi girls,

Hope all of you are doing well.

My today's post is about the performance of my current shampoo and conditioner.

I have been using Timotei shimmer shine shampoo ( normal to dull hair) these days.
It claims that it contains 100% natural extracts from Chile and China.
A blend of rose oil from Chile and Pearl extract from China, renowned for their conditioning virtues; combined with raspberry vinegar known for its shining properties.

It claims that it makes your hair soft and shiny.

Now I will share my experience with you girls.

The packaging is good. A flat shaped bottle with a flip up cap. The bottle is fine but with such cap its not travel friendly. The shampoo inside is of light pink color which has a gorgeous light fruity smell. The texture is creamy but flowy, not runny which is good. Little is enough and makes a lot of lather.

As I have mentioned earlier in a post that my hair have become dry and frizzy for the last almost a year. But this shampoo really makes my hair soft and shiny.

Just like any other shampoo I apply it in my wet hair, work into lather, massage well from roots to tips of my hair and then rinse well.
Then I use conditioner , leave it for some minutes and then again rinse well with water.

The result is that it leaves my hair soft and shiny as it claims. As it does not claim to remove frizz, but it does reduce my frizz and fly aways to a noticeable level.

I don't use conditioner every time I wash my hair. I use it once a week mostly.
I bought them from dwatsons and the price of shampoo is PKR 250 or 280( sorry girls don't remember exact price and not that of conditioner too).

In conclusion I would say that Timotei shimmer shine is a very good shampoo at a very reasonable price. And it delivers what it claims. Really makes my hair soft and shiny.
I really love this shampoo.Using it since three years almost and will stick to it until I get something that will smooth my frizz prone hair completely.

Do tell me in comments section which one is your favorite shampoo these days?

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Another haul post

Hi girls,

Today I am going to share my recent purchases with you.

This time again its an online haul.
I did my first online haul last month from a Facebook page. And within almost a month its my second one. I think I am getting addicted to it.

This time while searching my favorite products online, I came across another Facebook page Makeup Therapy.

It offers a wide range of well known international brands at very reasonable price.
I was looking for sleek makeup oh so special eye shadow palette on so many online pages for so long. But it was out of stock every where.

Makeup therapy was offering this palette. So i didn't want to miss the chance and instantly texted the owner about the price and procedure.

The lady there is very nice. She told me about the procedure and all available payment options. I opted for bank transfer as it was convenient for me.

And you know I was so surprised when the very next day of finalizing my order I received the package. And that too in early office hours. I mean in less than 24 hours I received the package. I give full marks to makeup therapy quick delivery service.

And one more thing, in addition to my ordered products, to my surprise there was one more thing in the package, a first time purchase gift. And it was a lipstick by wet n wild.

Such a beautiful color. I am so happy to get it. Thank you so much Hina for your love.

Now the things that I purchased are:

Sleek makeup eye shadow palette oh so special
Sleek blush rose gold ( considered to be the dupe of Nars orgasm).
The price of the palette is PKR1850 and that of blush is PKR 1050.

Now that's all for today's post girls. Did you like my purchases? do tell me.

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Loreal Paris Excellence Creme Haircolor - Caramel Brown Review

Hi beautiful girls,

Hope you are enjoying your life.

My today's post is about Loreal Paris Excellence Creme hair color.

My hair are dark brown naturally. But so dark that sometimes look like black. I like my natural hair color. I don't dye my hair regularly.
I just dye them occasionally just to give it a change.

I like light golden brown and caramel shades in hair color.
The shade that I am going to show you today is caramel brown.

As you can see in the pictures, there are five items in the package. These are:
The protective serum
The coloring creme
The developer
The balm
An applicator
Pair of gloves
Also there is an instructions leaflet in it.

The instructions are as follows:
Use protective serum on dry unwashed hair.
Pour tube of coloring creme into the developer bottle.
Replace applicator tip and shake well.
Twist off the applicator tip immediately after shaking.
Now apply on the roots all over using applicator tip.
Spread the product all over the hair and massage well.
You can also use the comb applicator it is ideal for using on mid length.
After leaving it for given time, rinse your hair thoroughly with Luke warm water. Until water gets clear.
In the end apply balm on your wet hair , leave it for two minutes or so then again rinse well.

The instructions are given in the leaflet along with pictures.

Now coming to my experience of the product. I don't use any of the applicator provided in the package, rather I mix creme and developer in a bowl and then apply it on my hair with brush applicator. I feel by using brush applicator the dye can be applied evenly on all hair.

After leaving it into my hair for about 40 minutes I rinse it thoroughly with plain water. Then after rinsing and towel drying my hair I apply the balm on wet hair leave it for 3-4 minutes and then again rinse well.

I use the serum after my hair get completely dried. I apply it from the shoulder length till the ends of the hair. It adds softness and shine to my hair. Then I use straightner and  it takes less time to straighten my hair.

The end result is that my hair become very shiny, soft and the shade that it gives to my hair is awesome.
It doesn't give the exact color to my hair as mentioned in the package because my hair are already very dark. But I love the color of my hair afterwards , just the way I like , doesn't give any artificial look but adds a very soft look to my hair.

(You can see the beautiful shade of brown in my hair)

My hair become very shiny ,soft and frizz free. I love that shine and softness that it gives to my hair. I have used some other brands as well. But was not happy with them. They didn't last longer. I mean I could see the colored water just in the next wash and also they didn't add shine and softness.

But this is not the case with loreal. The color is not just until first wash. It lasts longer. I never saw any colored water while washing my hair. So its a big plus point.

Also the things included in the package are very useful. The thing I like most is cute little box for a very good quality pair of gloves. I have kept all these plastic boxes for storing different little stuff. Secondly the balm is not just for one time use. I don't remember exactly how many times I have used it but its enough in the bottle to use many times. The serum given in it is for use on dry hair before dying. But I use it every time after washing my hair ( after drying them). It makes my hair soft and less frizzy.

It is also enough to use many times.

So in my opinion its a very good product. I am very satisfied with it. There is just one thing that it is a little pricey. I bought it for PKR 999 from dwatsons.

So girls did u like my today's review. If u dye your hair what's your favorite and which shade you like?

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Avon super shock gel eyeliner/eye liner gel in black review,swatches

Hello ladies,

My today's review is about Avon eye liner gel in black.

Eye liners/pencils in black are one of my favorite cosmetic item.

Whenever I have to go out and don't have more than five minutes , the only makeup I wear is eye pencil. I use it on my lower lash line and it adds instant life to my face. Have you ever tried using only eye pencil in makeup?

OK now coming back to my review.

My experience with this product is very good.

First of all this gel eye liner is in pencil form and the color is jet black, which I always prefer in black eye pencils.

Secondly the texture is very creamy so it glides on very easily and smoothly on water line, lower lash line or even on upper lash line.

No tugging or pulling at all. No smearing no smudging.

Also it stays put for a longer period of time. I have tried many eyeliners but i am very happy with this one.So many times I have applied it in the morning and it stays put till night.
Doesn't wear off and no smudging.
Other then using on my lower lash line I have also used it on my upper lash line to give a smudged look.

I am very happy with the intensity of color that it gives. And also with its lasting power.
It can also be used for intense smokey eyes look. Just apply it on your lid and blend it with other eye shadow you desire and get a perfect smokey eye after blending.

Overall its a very good product. And its a must have for girls who love intense black eyeliners. I do recommend it to u girls.

I purchased it for PKR 850 from dwatsons. And definitely I will purchase it again.

Have you ever used Avon eye liner gel?
Do tell me in comments section.

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