Monday, 21 May 2018

Eid Dresses Collection 2018

Hello girls,
Hope all are fine.

All Muslims around the world are fasting these days and gathering the blessings of this Holy month. May Allah guide all of us to the right path and we can carry the spirit of Ramazan throughout the year. Aameen.

With all the blessings of Ramazan, one important task that is going all around the month is Eid shopping.

Eid shopping starts even before Ramazan, continues through the whole month and ends up on Chand raat. Most special and time consuming item to purchase is Eid dress. There are so many styles and options available in the market but when it comes to buy dress specially for Eid then our traditional  Pakistani dresses are the first choice of our women. Our formal dresses look more elegant and stylish for such festive occasions like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha.

Nowadays Eid comes in the most hot weather. In this weather the best fabric to wear is lawn. This lawn fabric is not only cool and breezy but also makes it comfortable to do kitchen chores while wearing it.

 Lawn Collection 2018 has anything that you need this Eid to make you feel stand out the crowd. It has beautiful floral prints, eye catchy geometric and embroidered classics as well. The colour palette is so attractive and beautiful. Pastel hues in floral prints make it so soothing for eyes and comfy to wear.
Prices are also very reasonable. You don't have to pay a huge amount for a beautiful lawn 3 piece floral or embroidered suit. You can get one of your choice from different price ranges.

And most important is that the women don't have to run to the markets and shopping malls to look for their desired dress. They are just a click away, they can shop easily anything at anytime from the comfort of their home. Online shopping is that easy.

That is all about today. Hope my today's post will help you in getting a best outfit this Eid.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Special Chicken Shami Kababs Recipe For Iftars

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Hope you are doing great.
Ramzan, the month of blessings is around the corner. All Muslims around the world wait for this Holy month to grab all the blessings of Allah.
We all know that the ladies try to make some different and yummy dishes for Sehr and Iftar during this month. While making different dishes and snacks we must keep in mind the nutritional value of them because after a long day of fasting we need food that has more nutrition and less fats in it to replenish our energy.

Today I am sharing a special recipe for Ramazan. Chicken shami kababs are perfect for iftars. They are yummy and easy to prepare. Shami kababs are made in almost every home, here I am sharing my recipe that is a little different. So let's go to the recipe.


Chicken boneless.                         1 kg
Daal chana.                                    1 cup
Potatoes.                                         2 medium
Bread                                               2 slices
Whole red chilli.                             7-8
Salt.                                                  To taste
Cinnamon sticks.                          2
Cloves.                                             8_10
Black pepper whole.                     6-7
Fennel                                              2 tspn
Ginger                                              1 inch
Garlic.                                              6-7 cloves
Egg.                                                  1
Corriander leaves.                         1 cup
Bread crumbs.                                optional


Cut chicken in small cubes. Other than egg, corriander leaves and bread slices, put all the ingredients in the chicken and cook them until everything gets tender. Then put this mixture in the chopper or in the mincer to get a more smooth texture.
Now let it cool completely. Then put egg, corriander leaves and bread slices (soaked in water and drenched) in the mixture. Mix it thoroughly with hands. Now take some mixture in your palms and give the shape of kababs. You can also coat them with bread crumbs but that is your own choice. It will only give a nice finish to them but won't add to the taste. Put them in the freezer in air tight box or sealed zipper bags for later use.

These frozen chicken shami kababs are not only a favorite item in iftars but also you can use them other than Ramazan as well when kids want some snacks between meals and you can make quick burgers and sandwiches with these and also when you have uninformed guests and you need some quick and yummy dishes, then it is one of those that will serve the best.

I Know shami kababs are made in every home but I have tried to give it a little bit of twist for a change. Potatoes will make them more soft and bread will add more fluffy and bouncy texture to them.     
I will suggest you to bake or use air fryer to fry them. In this way you will get less calories.

That is all for today. Till next time take care and stay happy. And have a blessed Ramazan everyone.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

VS Textile Classic Lawn Collection Volume 1

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. Weather has changed a lot. We can already feel the heat of summer while going out in the sun. All top clothing brands are launching their spring/summer collection these days.

Lawn is no longer just any fabric that you wear to feel cooler and more comfortable in the heat of summer but it is more of a fashion statement now. Printed lawn suits are just as expensive as silks and chiffons.

Summers are here and for the next six months or so all we will be wearing would be lawn.

Among those sky high prices in lawn
VS Lawn 2018 has very beautiful prints in lawn suits in summery hues and that too at very affordable prices. VS lawn fabric is made with fine quality material to meet the needs of the customers.

Lawn was never hyped before as it is these days. Six or seven years back there were only two or three designers who Launched their designer lawn collection and now you can see that every designer whether famous or not, wants to join lawn band wagon. And it is not just a statement but a real fact that this competition between these designers has made lawn one of very expensive clothing items. Every woman wants to have them but can't afford them.

 Lawn Suits 2018 are a necessity in summer season for women. This sheer fabric gives a feeling of coolness and comfort in the scorching heat of summer.

VS lawn has variety of designs and colours for every age. You can find geometric, digital and floral prints whatever you like. The colour palette is also so attractive and eye catching that you can not resist them.

And above all the prices are very affordable. Literally it doesn't cost you a kidney to get lawn suits in beautiful prints. And this is the most heavy weight plus point in my opinion. Because in our country where summer season is going to stay for about 7 months and due to lot of sweating lawn suits have to be washed after almost every single use. And if you are a working lady or a student then you need to have more than few suits to meet your requirements. And if you don't want to make a big hole in your pocket, then VS lawn must be your first choice.

That is all for today girls. Hope my today's post will be helpful for you to make colourful changes in your summer wardrobe.

Till next post take care and stay blessed.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Makeup Revolution Lipstick In Shade Inclination Review

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying winters to the fullest. Winter holidays are over and the weather has become very cold😃😃😉.

Today sharing my experience of makeup revolution, a very well known makeup brand, with all of you. Makeup revolution Lipstick in shade "Inclination" is the product under the spot light today.
This is my first ever purchase of this brand........... surprised...☺☺
Well there is no specific reason why I didn't purchase any product from this brand. Although a lot of my blogger friends around have tried this brand and are very satisfied. Any ways it's never too late to start something good. Now without further ado let's go to the review.

Let's start with packaging first. It comes in a gold bullet shaped tube which looks very classy and gives a feel of high end brand. The name of the shade is written at the bottom of the tube. You can also see the lipstick shade at the bottom.The cap closes tightly with a click sound. You can easily slip it in your hand bag for touch ups.

Makeup revolution lipstick "Inclination"

Inclination is beautiful brownish nude shade. In the swatches you can see that it looks more brown on my skin but when applied on lips it looks less brownish and more soft. It is a matte finish lipstick. The texture is very creamy and glides on smoothly. Due to it's creamy texture it does not make my lips dry or tacky. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated. Pigmentation is very good and opaque. One swipe gives good colour payoff.
Staying power is just average. Stays on my lips for around 3_4 hours. The reason might be it's creamy texture. You might need touch ups specially if you eat or drink anything.
Such soft nude shades look best with smokey eyes. And I always prefer to use such shades with smokey eyes look.

Makeup revolution lipstick "Inclination"
Makeup revolution lipstick "Inclination" swatches

Overall it is a very good addition to my makeup stash. Good quality product at a very reasonable price. I purchased it from Dwatson and price is PKR 499. I will definitely buy more shades and will try more products from this brand.

That is all for today girls. Drop your feedback in comments section.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Rising Trend of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well at your end.

Just one decade ago most of us were not aware of the word E commerce. Shopping online was a concept unheard of. But  the world has witnessed a massive increase in this businesses in the past few years.

 Online Shopping in Pakistan  has increased many folds quite rapidly in the past few years. Before the introduction of E commerce people only used to buy their required products in different shopping centres, malls or shops. Sometimes even after spending many hours, they could not get their required products. It not only wasted a lot of time but their energy too.

Online shopping has made it much easier for everyone from a house wife to a business man. You can shop sitting in your office or home or even lying in your bed. You don't have to visit from shop to shop physically. Or don't have to waste your time in traffic jams or search for parking. You can search the product of  your preference in just a few clicks.

People in Pakistan are also directing towards online shopping due to it's convenience and comfort. We can say as
 Pakistan Among Fastest Growing Markets  in the world. After realizing it's importance and effectiveness, all top brands and stores now have their e-stores to make shopping easy for customers. All big companies are now offering special deals and discounts to attract the customers for online shopping.

 E-Commerce in Pakistan  has  made a major impact on people's lives. It has shifted the trend of shopping from traditional one to the modern. With the ease of selection of product to different payment modes available, it has strengthen the trust of people on online companies and website. People select the product through online website and they receive the product at their doorstep. Payment is made through bank transfer, easy paisa or COD ( cash on delivery). The last one is mostly used mode of payment because there are less chances of scam in it.

Online shopping has become a part of our life. It brings convenience in our lives that everybody wants to have these days.
For future we can say that E commerce is going to be more popular as time goes by and customers worldwide will feel more comfortable about shopping online.

That's all for today. Till next time take care and stay warm.