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Best Place To Buy Perfumes Online

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Perfumes and fragrances have been adorned by people since early civilization. Today, fragrances can be found all around in so many things from scented candles, to all your favorite bath and body products. There are so mamy reasons why people wear perfumes, but above all it is a fact that they make us feel happy and good.

Buying Perfumes is something very personal. Everyone has his /her own preferences.
There are hundreds of choices available, from light, barely-there scents to strong and powerful fragrances. We use perfumes to make a good impression, distinguish ourselves from others and to enhance our mood and last but not the least is to complete our overall look.
Fragrances can take us to a place of calm and serenity.

While buying Perfumes, you should always have an idea about its top, middle and base notes  before making the purchase. The base note is the scent that’s going to last the longest so it should be something you really like.

Perfumes comprise three levels of ‘notes’. The top notes give the fragrance’s initial impact and last for five minutes to half an hour.The middle or ‘heart’ notes provide the ‘body’, and are usually made of floral, spicy or woody ingredients. The base notes come to the feel after about 30 minutes and are the notes that last longer – the ingredients used are made of the largest molecules and are slowest to evaporate.

A vanilla based perfume may help to keep you calm; a fruity choice might help to keep you more alert while a musky scent may make you feel more sensual.
These were re some very essential points before purchasing a fragrance.

Talking about  Men's Perfumes  , these fragrances commonly feature ‘dry’ notes – they give a fresh smell and are achieved with ingredients such as woods, herbs and mosses.

In  Women's Perfumes , they mostly prefer floral or fruity fragrances. Chanel No. 5 is always at the top of the list.
But there are many other choices as well.  One can also get confused as which one to buy. The best idea is to shop online, where you can get detailed information about the product you want to buy.Also it is hassle free and time saving.

That was all about today's post. I have tried to cover some details about Perfumes, their notes and longevity. So that when you are shopping online for your favorite Perfumes, it may help you.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Guest Post: My Favourite "Pinkish-Brown" Lipsticks! ☺

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My today's post is a guest post written by Ramla Zareen who is a blogger and an avid reader. She loves reading and  confesses that she is a bookworm. Her writing style is beautiful in which she covers all the aspects, without leaving the reader in any ambiguous situation. Here is what she has written for our blog. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

Hi, this is Ramla Zareen, with a blogpost on my favourite "pinkish-brown" lipsticks and I would like to begin with a small confession. Just between you, me and anyone else who might be reading this blogpost, my loved ones often used to claim that make up is not at all among my areas of expertise, to which charge I always pleaded guilty and it was only about five months back, that I finally decided to stop completely depending upon the loving generosity of my makeup-gifting aunts and for the first time in my thirty-two years of life, stepped into a store to buy a lipstick for myself, lolz. ☺

Well ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly the first time that I bought a lipstick but it was definitely the first time that I actually ventured to put some thought into my purchase instead of randomly picking up the first lipstick that attracted my attention or blindly following the suggestion of the person with whom I happened to be shopping.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a maximum of five hours of pleasurable task, spanned into an exhausting project of about five months and I realized just how difficult it could be to find a good lipstick, that is, a lipstick whose shade was appealing as well as appropriate, that was comfortable to wear as well as long lasting, that didn't contain bad odour and taste nor induce an allergic reaction, and that was readily available as well as within budget.

Now, after spending the past few months researching, experimenting, thinking and dreaming lipsticks, I am truly grateful to Shumail for providing me with an opportunity to share the names of those lipsticks that satisfy most of my above-mentioned requirements, in the hope that some of you might find this information both interesting as well as useful. ☺

Before proceeding with the list of names, I would like to mention that one of the things that I have discovered regarding my preferences is that my favourite lipstick shade is "pinkish-brown" (followed by mid-tone "pinkish-reddish-berry" but that's for another day), mainly because it's a pretty and neutral colour, and seems to beautify the lips, brighten up the face and enhance the appearance, all, in a subtle and natural way.

Unlike the more traditional nudes of beige and grey, which in my opinion, unless worn with a properly applied complementing face and eye make up, can make some women look like they are unhealthy, deprived or victims of harsh treatment, which can raise the attention of women's rights activists and can cause all kinds of complications in life, lolz. ☺ (No offence to those who like such shades, it's true that some women do manage to carry them off with aplomb but after much experimentation I had to conclude that they are just not for me).

Anyway, as you are all probably aware, there are actually two basic variations of the "pinkish-brown" lipstick shade. One is "pinkish-mauve-brown" and the other is "pinkish-orange-brown".

Some of the beauty experts claim that the "pinkish-mauve-brown" is more suited for those with cool-to-neutral undertones and the "pinkish-orange-brown" is more appropriate for those with warm-to-neutral undertones.

Well, I am no expert, but it's my humble opinion that this is not a hard and fast rule and it mainly depends on how the colours are combined together. While it's true that shades that contain too much "pink-mauve" and too less "brown" might not be very appropriate for those with warm undertones and shades that contain too much "orange-brown" and too less "pink" might not suit those with cool undertones, however, I honestly do believe that most of the "pinkish-brown" variations are universally flattering and suit women of both cool and warm undertones. ☺

Anyway, today not only am I going to list down the names of my favourite "pinkish-brown" lipsticks, but it's also my intention to provide my opinion, based on research, observation and experience, on which skin tones and undertones each lipstick is best suited for, again, in the hope that this information might be helpful to some of you. ☺

Guess I should also mention that though my complexion is not fair in the truest sense of the word but it won't be inaccurate to state that my skin tone is somewhat on the lighter side of the light-to-medium spectrum and also, from what I have been able to determine, my undertone is most probably warm-to-neutral ...and all of these four lipsticks seem to suit me quite well, yayyyy! ☺

Well, here's the list:

1) MAC Brave, a "pinkish-mauve-brown" lipstick. Most of the time, all the three colours remain equally balanced but in certain lights, the "pinkish-mauve" part can become quite diminished and in some other lights, the "brown" part takes a back seat. One thing that must be mentioned is that in certain lights, there also seems to be a bit of a "grey" present, which might clash with certain skin tones, and so it would always be better not to buy it before trying it out in different lights.

Best suited for light skin tones, though in some cases, it can work for those with medium skin tones as well. Appropriate for women of all undertones, from cool-to-neutral-to-warm.

2) NYX Matte Lipstick Tea Rose MLS11, also a "pinkish-mauve-brown" lipstick, but brighter and "pinker" than MAC Brave, and in certain lights, the "mauve" part can become very prominent, and so it would always be better for women with warm undertones not to buy it before trying it out in different lights.

Appropriate for those with light-to-medium skin tones. Best suited for cool-to-neutral undertones, though in some cases, it can work for women with warm undertones as well.

3) MAC Cosmo, a "pinkish-orange-brown" lipstick, though in certain lights, the "pink" part can almost completely disappear and the lipstick becomes more of an "orange-brown" shade, which in my opinion, means that it might not work for women with cool undertones.

Best suited for light skin tones, though in some cases, it can work for women with medium skin tones as well. Appropriate for those with warm-to-neutral undertones.

4) Bobbi Brown Lip Color Tulle #34, also a "pinkish-orange-brown", but brighter and "pinker" than MAC Cosmo, with just enough "orange-brown" to restrain it from being overwhelming. One thing that is a bit unusual is that in certain lights, there also seems to be a bit of a "mauve" mixed with the "pinkish-orange-brown", but in my opinion, this just goes on to make it a shade that can be equally flattering to women of both cool and warm undertones.

Best suited for light skin tones, though in some cases, it can work for those with medium skin tones as well. Appropriate for women of all undertones, from cool-to-neutral-to-warm.

Here are the swatches:

MAC Brave, NYX Matte Tea Rose, MAC Cosmo,BB Tulle #34
Before I end, just wanted to disclose that this blogpost was originally published on my own blog on Monday, July 11, 2016 and contains several more swatches of these lipsticks so those interested are most welcome to check them out by clicking on the following link:


Well, thanks everyone, for taking out the time to read my blogpost, and thanks once again Shumail, for providing me an opportunity to share this information on your wonderful blog, it's truly a pleasure and an honour for me! ☺

All the best,

Ramla Zareen ☺

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So girls that was all for today. In the future you will see more of such guest posts on our blog. Hoping that you liked reading today's post. Send me your feedback in comments section or through email.

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Mustela Bebe Products Review And Photos

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In the blessed month of Ramadan I received a care package from Mustela.
Mustela is a brand from France, very well known for its safe and hygienic baby care products.
The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950.  Mustela offers a complete range of specially formulated skincare to best address the changes in the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be and new mothers.
Mustela is proud of its strong relationships with healthcare professionals to best provide safe and effective skincare for both you and your baby.
Mustela Bébé products contain 92% ingredients of natural origin on average.
The samples that I received in the package are as follows:

*Stelatopia emollient cream
*2 in 1 hair and body wash
*Double Action Stretch marks cream
*Vitamin barrier cream
*Oil massage
*Dermo cleansing

Mustela bebe samples

Stelatopia emollient cream is my favourite in all of them. the brand claims that this intensive moisturizing cream contains sunflower oil distillate to provide deep hydration to dry skin. This cream has a rich texture that penetrates deep and restructures your sensitive skin. Clinically tested, it brings back the elasticity of skin and maintains natural pH balance. It is even effective for baby eczema conditions.
I have tried it and it really makes  skin very soft and supple. Another thing is that just a little amount is enough for your whole face and both hands. I would definitely purchase it afterwards for my self because I have dry skin.

Mustela Stelatopia emollient cream

Vitamin barrier cream has a very thick consistency which is perfect to create a barrier between skin and moisture/air to prevent it from any rashes or dryness. It must be used after every diaper change to keep baby's sensitive skin free from rashes.

2 in 1 hair and body wash is soap free and tear free cleanser specially formulated for delicate skin of little babies. It is paraben free and hypoallergenic.
It's consistency is like shampoo and when you spread it on the skin it makes a little lather and then while you keep rubbing softly the lather disappears leaving behind clean and soft skin. It doesn't make skin dry. I felt my hands a little sticky after using it.

Massage oil is made up of natural plant oils and can safely be used from birth onwards. It doesn't leave any greasiness on the skin and absorbs leaving skin soft and gentle. Also it has a very mild pleasant smell.

Double action marks cream is to be used during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I asked my bro's wife to use it and share her experience. Although it is not possible to say it really prevents stretch marks or not after using just one sachet, but according to her it absorbs completely into the skin after massaging, making skin extra soft and supple.

Dermo cleansing is also a tear free formula for hair and body wash. Company claims that it's gentle surfactants cleanse without stripping the natural oils of the skin and scalp and compensates for the drying effect of water. Such products are a must for such Moms having very small babies because sometimes it is not possible to give bath to little baby due to weather conditions or if baby is not feeling well, then this product comes to rescue. Without using water you can clean your baby from head to toe, isn't it great............

Mustela baby products are all paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologicaly tested under pediatric conditions.

If you are a new mom or mom to be then I recommend you to try this brand as it's products are safe for both mom and baby.

That's all for today. I hope you like it. Take care and stay blessed.

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