Thursday, 27 October 2016

How To Wear A Shrug?

Hi girls,

Winters are here and now it's time to take out aur warm shawls, cardigans, capes, shrugs and other stuff. In the early days of winter when it is not too cold shawls, capes and shrugs are mostly used in the mornings and evenings. Shrugs have become a staple item in every girl's winter wardrobe.

A shrug is a cropped jacket or cardigan like garment that comes in variety of styles and lengths. Talking about design it is more closer to a sweater and is used as a wrap around shoulders and body. They are also made with different materials like wool, cotton, acrylic blends, net, cashmere etc.

Today I am talking about the ways in which shrugs can be worn.
Wearing a shrug is an easy way to add style to the over all look of the outfit with minimal effort.
There are different types of shrugs available like shawl shrugs, tie off shrugs, cropped shrugs etc. They also come with different sleeve lengths like full sleeves, quarter sleeves and short sleeves. If you have a shawl shrug you can use it in the evenings to cover your self around shoulders. Shawl shrug is larger in size as compared to other ones. It can be paired up with our traditional out fits and Western as well.

Cropped shrug or mini shrug is shorter in length and it can look best with jeans paired with long top.
Tie off shrugs come with two long strips that can be used many ways to stylize yourself. It can be used to tie a knot, make a bow or to wrap around your neck, whatever you like.
We all know that winters also bring wedding season along in our country. So if you are going to a wedding or any other party in the evening, wearing your heavily embroidered or formal dress but want to keep yourself warm at the same time, then these stylish shrugs are there to solve the problem. They can keep you warm without ruining your overall look of the dress.

You can buy  Shrugs online  . They are available in so many colours, styles and fabric. These shrugs are a must have for winters. Because they serve dual purpose of adding contrasting style elements, patterns, and colours to an outfit, while also allowing a woman to stay warm. 

You can buy  Pakistani clothes online  . Online purchasing is a hassle free and the most convenient way of shopping now a days. And it saves a lot of time as well. There is a lot of variety available online including casual, formal and party wear at most affordable prices.

So girls that is all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Ferraruci Oval Shaped Brush Review and Photos

Hi girls,

Today the product under the spot light is Ferraruci oval brush. I did a review on Nee Cara brush as well, a few weeks ago. That brush is also very good, but it was smaller in size for foundation blending. And I was looking for one bigger in size to do work more quickly and efficiently. You can read my review on Nee Cara oval brush
 here .

Luckily while searching different online stores, I found a set of Ferraruci oval brushes on Bia's cosmetics. I selected one that was biggest in size because it was perfect to fulfill my requirement.

Without further ado let's see how it works for me.

Look at the packaging. It looks and feels so luxurious and classy. A black card board case with gold writing over it. Inside the box the brush is securely placed in the mould to keep it damage free.I really liked the packaging, full marks to it.

Ferraruci oval shaped brush

The brush head has dense and soft bristles made of synthetic fiber. Upper part of brush handle is metallic and the lower part (which is basically grip area) is coated with good quality rubber for handling and to avoid slipping and it makes gripping very easy.

Since I got this brush I have been using it for foundation blending. After applying foundation in dots form I blend it with this brush, and believe me it works so perfectly. I am not exaggerating at all,  it works so quickly due to its larger head, ultimately saving my time. And the foundation blends seamlessly. The bristles are flexible yet soft enough for flawless blending.
The finish that it gives looks very natural. Gives a buff-in type of application. I didn't notice any shedding of the bristles.
Trust me I haven't used any other brushes or sponge for foundation blending, after I got it. I am so happy with its performance. I am happy with my decision for owning this brush, very well investment indeed.
I would say that my search for a perfect foundation brush is over. Prior to this, I was using RT buffing brush and that is also very good at foundation blending. But it has become my staple now.
I bought it in PKR 1150 from an online store. Seems little pricey but really worth it.

Ferraruci oval shaped brush
Ferraruci oval shaped brush

I would definitely recommend it to all girls who want a best foundation blending brush.

That was all about for today folks. I hope you like my post. What is your favorite foundation brush? Have you tried these oval / spoon shaped brushes?
Leave your feedback in comments section. Love reading them.

Till next post, take care and stay happy.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Get A Good Night 's Sleep:Tips For Making Sleep Better

Hi lovelies,
Hope you are having a good time.

My today's post is a little bit different. We mostly talk about beauty products that we use on our body and hair to make them look beautiful. But sometimes we neglect very basic and most important thing which is to keep our skin healthy, fresh and glowy so that we might not need any cosmetics on a regular basis or at least use them very minimal.
I mostly focus on using natural products to make skin beautiful and healthy. I can't wear any sort of makeup on daily basis (other than moisturizers that I use a lot).
Even when going out i try to keep it minimal.

When we talk about getting a healthy and beautiful skin then we must follow a skin care regime and a take a balanced diet. But the first thing that we should do that does not need a single penny is to take a good and sound sleep. Believe me taking a good night's sleep not only makes your skin beautiful but also affects positively on your whole body.

Today in this busy world when sometimes we feel like even 24 hours are less to finish our daily tasks, it has become very difficult to take a long sound sleep. Experts say that around 7- 9 hours sleep is a must for a healthy body and mind. And if we are sleeping less than 5 hours then it's alarming. Because in the long run it can cause many health issues for us.

Today I am sharing some simple ways that can help us having a sound sleep. I know it's difficult but not impossible. Also it is not an over night change, we can improve our sleep gradually.

So let's start.

**First of all you have to make a routine for your sleep. Try going to bed daily at a fixed time. In the beginning you will find it difficult to sleep at that time but slowly your body clock will adjust accordingly and you will feel sleepy at that time. Also fix your wake up time. And follow this routine even on weekends. If you follow your sleep_wake routine then you will feel your self more fresh and energized.

(image source: Google)

**If you find it difficult to sleep then you should avoid having a nap in the afternoon or any other time of the day.

**If possible, try to make changes in your room. Make it more comfortable and relaxing. Use cool and soothing colours for the walls, curtains etc.

**The curtains should be of fabric thick enough for a black out in room after switching off the lights. You can also use shades for this purpose.

**The mattress and pillows that you use should be of good quality and comfortable. They should not make your body ache.

**Your room should be free from noise and all other distractions that can interrupt your sleep. Close the door and if possible close Windows too before sleep. You can also use ear plugs to avoid noise.

**Avoid heavy meals at night. Try to eat light meals and that too at least too hours before going to bed. You should not go to bed soon after eating your dinner.

**If you are consuming too much of caffeine/ nicotine in the form of tea and coffee then try to limit their consumption. And avoid these drinks in the evening or after that.

**You should take plenty of water during day time but not after the evening. Your frequent bathroom trips can interrupt your sleep badly.

**You can try some relaxation techniques for better sleep. Switch off or dim the lights. Listen to some soft music. Or read a book. Try deep breathing. You can also have a hot shower to relax your body.

**While you are in bed waiting for sleep, do not watch TV. Don't use your cellphone, tab or any other gadgets. Keep them away from your bed out of your reach.

**And last but not the least is to exercise daily. This will help you to get a deep sleep at night. Exercise not only makes your body fit but also has a positive impact on the quality of sleep.

These were some simple tips that if we follow them, can bring big change in our life. Sleep better at night daily and get a healthy body and mind and a beautiful glowing skin. What else we wish for......

That is all for today. I hope my article will help you to get a better sleep at night.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation In Shade N1 Ivory Review, Photos, Swatches

Hi girls,

Hope you are enjoying weekend. Weather has changed a lot. Fall is almost here and we will see beautiful, colourful leaves scattered around trees and plants in a couple of days. Fall has its own colours and they look so amazing.

Now let's move on to my today's post.
Loreal is a brand that is very famous and trusted by beauty experts all around the world.
Loreal lumi magique foundation is not new to most of you. It was launched quite a few years back. But I got my hands on it early this year. Since then I am using it and now it's the time to express my views about it.

Loreal lumi magique foundation
Loreal lumi magique foundation in shade N1 Ivory

Let's start with packaging, as it is a drug store foundation but comes in a cute glass bottle that feels heavy in hand. The top of the bottle is of rose gold colour and looks pretty. And the best thing is that it comes with a pump. I have mentioned many times that I love dispensing pumps in foundation bottles and moisturizers. It makes so convenient to take out the product without any wastage and are hygienic at the same time. So thumbs up for packaging, but I didn't find it quite travel friendly, you have to be very careful to put in your hand bag or travel bag because of its fragile glass bottle.

Loreal lumi magique foundation

The texture of the foundation is very good, neither too watery nor too thick. It is perfect for blending without looking cakey. And it doesn't dry quickly so gives good time for blending. I use my ferraruci oval shaped brush for blending and it blends seamlessly.

It is medium coverage foundation which is enough for my skin. But it can be built to full coverage by applying more as required. It can almost cover all imperfections on the skin, but if you have extreme problematic areas on your face then you might need corrector/concealer. But I don't find any need of these and one layer of foundation is enough for my skin.

The finish of the foundation is dewy/ glowy. As it claims " Flawless skin as if lit from within". And in my opinion this claim is true. It really gives my skin a dewy look that is also called a healthy glow which is very subtle not overly done. This is the thing that girls with oily skin might not like. I really like the glow that it adds to my face. Let me clear one thing here that after applying it the face doesn't look shiny or glossy at all. It just adds a subtle glow to the face.

Loreal lumi magique foundation N1Ivory
Loreal lumi magique foundation N1Ivory
Loreal lumi magique foundation N1Ivory, blended

The lasting power is also very good. It stays on my face for about 10 hours without primer( I have dry skin). I am sure it can last longer with the use of primer underneath.

Overall I love this foundation. I mostly reached out for this during these summer. It feels very light on my skin, in fact it melts into the skin and there is no mask like effect . And I love the subtle hint of radiance and freshness that it adds to my face.(you can see the dewy finish in the above picture where the foundation is blended).
The shade N1 Ivory /pure pearl is the perfect match for my skin tone. I purchased it for PKR 1900 from Bia's cosmetics (an online store). Price may vary at different online stores or retail outlets. I definitely will recommend it to anyone who likes long staying and dewy finish foundation.

That is all about today's post. Hope you like it. Have you tried Loreal lumi magique foundation? Share your experience in comments section.

Till next post, take care and stay blessed.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Another Colourpop Mini Haul

Hey lovelies,
Hope you all are doing great.
My today's post is again another haul post

In the last few months I purchased some colourpop stuff. I haven't tried all those things yet, but out of those I have tried, I am very happy and satisfied with their quality and performance.

While watching some YouTube videos, I was tempted to get some more lippies. Although all shades are not available every time, some of them are mostly out of stock. But I was lucky enough to find two shades out of my wish list and also at reasonable price, so without wasting a moment I placed my order.

The two shades that I purchased are;
* Succulent
* Donut

Bought them from an online store
 Gifts Galore Karachi . It was a pre order. And I received my parcel well in time and nicely packed. It was my first purchase from this store, and I am satisfied with their service.

Will update you all with the swatches and reviews of these lippies soon inshaAllah.

Take care and stay happy.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Men's Winter Fashion Trends 2016

Hey girls,
Hope you had a great weekend.

Today I am talking about men's fashion trends in winters. Yeah...... it sounds strange because I have never talked about men's fashion on my blog. It was my brother's birthday yesterday and while searching for a suitable gift for him, an idea clicked in my mind to write about men's fashion as well. So here we go.

We know it's still the height of summer, but it's not long until the autumn/winter 2016 collections of all top designers around the world start arriving in shops, so it is the best time to get organised for your winter wardrobe.

Those times are long gone when it was considered that men can spend many days in one jeans and a few sweat shirts only. These days boys/men are wearing as trendy outfits as girls are wearing. Almost every top designer Launches men's spring, summer and fall collection. The boys are more selective about the colour, cut and style of the shirts and pants.
So here are some tips that might help you if you want to get some out fits for your brother, father or hubby.

I am talking about coming winter season particularly,  full sleeve t shirts  are a must have for the early days of winter season.

Try using a knitted polo shirt as a slightly lighter layer of insulation as the temperature dips.
For more colder days and evenings, hooded zippers are best choice. They are warm and comfy. And are available in many colours.
Sleeveless cardigans/sweaters are a must have for slightly colder weather and they can also be worn under the jacket in extreme cold months.
And obviously you can not think of extremely cold weather without having a jacket and coat. They are not only cozy and warm but also give a sense of style to your overall look.

You can  buy winter clothes online  as well. There are many online stores that offer men's fashion clothing brands, having very good quality and reasonable prices. Also you can have a large variety at online stores. You can compare between prices and quality, and can select the best one.

That was all about today.Hope this post might be helpful for you.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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