Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wella Hair Straightening Kit Review And Photos

Hey girls,
Hope you are doing very well.
I am very excited about my today's post. Because it is something different from routine posts. So let's move on.

My hair are straight naturally (not pin straight though slightly wavy at the ends). I have inherited thick long and shiny hair from my mother Alhamdolillah. My mother still has long, thick hair MashaAllah.
I was facing some problems since last two years regarding hair. They come straight from the roots till the mid length,and look healthy and shiny. But from the mid length till the ends they have become rough, dry and frizzy. And sometimes it was very difficult to manage them when I had to get ready in short time. So I wanted to get my hair straight, but at the same time didn't want to spend thousands of bucks in salon for the results that last only for a few months. So I decided to give it a try at home.
I did my hair straightening by using Wella hair straightening kit. Wella is a brand well known around the world. It's products are trusted among it's users.

In the picture you can see the condition of my hair before the process done. You can see they are little frizzy and dry from mid length till the ends.
Before doing this process at home I watched many YouTube videos. The process is easy but lengthy. You can do it yourself too but if you get a helping hand then it would be great.

Now let's start with how I did it.
Following are the things necessary before starting the whole thing.

* Wella hair straightening kit
* An old t-shirt/shirt (having thick stuff)
* A pair of gloves
* Applicator brush
* Plastic bowl
* Hair brush and comb
* Hair sectioning clips
* Straightening Iron
* Hair dryer

Before using Wella hair straightening cream

Wella hair straightening kit contains two tubes and an instruction leaflet inside.
Tube 1 is straightening cream and is applied first and tube 2 is neutralizer and applied afterwards. The leaflet contains all the step by step instructions and the time for each step, and precautions as well.
Basically I personally will divide the whole process in three steps for convenience;
*1.Applying straightening cream
*2. Washing, drying and using straightening iron to straighten hair
*3.Applyimg neutralizer and then washing again.

Wella hair straightening kit (intense)
Wella hair straightening kit (intense)

Your hair should be clean and dry.
Squeeze the whole tube 1 out in a bowl and start applying it with brush applicator. Don't forget to wear gloves. Starting from the back keep applying the cream on each and every stand. The tip here is take small sections of hair to apply evenly. Do not apply on roots to avoid any damages to your hair. When every section of hair is done. Take a comb and run through the hair till the ends to make them Sleek and straight and then leave them. Now try to keep your head in a position where your hair do not get any curl and do not twist, let them lay straight ( specially take care of the ends). Because as the time passes your hair start becoming stiff because of the cream and the ends may get twisted or curled if not taken care of.
Now leave your hair for the time mentioned. It is almost 15 minutes mentioned in the leaflet but I left them for 35 minutes.
After that shampoo your hair and rinse them well so that no residue left on your hair.
Now use hair dryer to let them dry property.

Now here comes the most important part and it's straightening using straightening Iron. Make sure that you use straightening Iron on each and every strand at least 4 times to make them pin straight. There should be no kinks left in any single hair.

After straightening, next step is to apply neutralizer (tube 2) on all hair. The process is same like application of cream. After your full head is done, you have to wait for 15 minutes and then wash it using shampoo. Rinse properly to wash off all the chemicals from your hair.
Aaaaaaand it's done. Now you use hair dryer or let your hair dry naturally. Once they get dry they will be straight. No frizz, no curls. Only smooth, straight and manageable hair.
One important thing to mention here is that after straightening you cannot tie your hair for three days. No hair pins, bands , scrunchies should be used. You cannot wash your hair or apply anything on them. Try your best to keep your hair in straight position. Don't even pull them behind your ear. Because if any wave or curl is developed then it will stay till the effect of straightening lasts and you will have to use straightening Iron on that curl or wave to make it straight every time.

The procedure is lengthy and takes around 3-4 hours (really a tiring job). But the result that I have got is worth all those efforts.
I won't say that the result is 100% just like done in a good salon. But it is more than 90% and I am happy with it. It's not easy to work yourself with back side hair. So it's better to take help of your sister, cousin or friend. My bro's wife helped me and the whole thing became easier for me.

My hair after step 2
The look of my hair after whole process
My hair after whole process done after washing without using straightening iron or dryer

Overall I am very much satisfied with what I have achieved after spending only PKR 675 ( and yes of course almost 3hrs as well). My all hair now are straight except few strands that have developed mild waves near lower ends. I couldn't figure out weather they were formed during sleep when the hair may have curled at those points.
But any ways my hair look frizz free, straight and more shiny after wash and that too without spending even a minute.
Now I am flaunting my beautiful straight hair these days and I am loving them. And a sleek pony tail looks so good.

Well that is all about today. In the start I didn't know that this post will go so long. But there were some points and tips that were necessary to mention here.

Do give me your feedback. And share your experience regarding this.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

New Collection At Gulabo By Maheen Khan

Hi girls,
Hope you are having a great time.

Maheen Khan is a big name in Pakistan fashion industry. Gulabo, the fashion forward clothing and accessories brand by Maheen Khan, has launched their new Collection in 7 new and trendy designs.

The new collection of Gulabo features in solid blacks and whites keeping in mind the woman and the girl who loves to make a statement. #MaheenforGulabo,taking the signature cuts by Maheen Khan and incorporating them high fashion ready to wear.

The new collection comprises of laces, with the statement floral print, kurtas and palazzos along with the neck bands which are on trend this season and Gulabo is the first brand to introduce it in Pakistan.

Have a look at the latest designs that are launched.

Hope you have enjoyed this post.
Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Colourpop And Nyx Haul

Hi lovelies,
My today's post is very delayed, I wanted to do it last month. But it's never too late, so I am writing a short post about what I purchased online last month.

Colourpop is a brand that is all at rave these days , specially it's ultra matte Lipsticks and highlighters. After getting some stuff earlier, I was tempted to get some more.

Following are the items I purchased;
*Colourpop ultra matte lipstick highball
PKR 1000
*Colourpop super shock eye shadow      liberty PKR 950
*Nyx soft matte lip cream Ibiza PKR 950

I have already used colourpop ultra matte and lippie stix, and they are awesome. Hope that it's eye shadow will be as good as their lippies. But this is first time that I have purchased nyx soft matte lip cream. Let's see how it goes.
Bought all this from Makeup Mistress, an online store. Always love the way all stuff is packed by them to make it safe and secure while delivery.

So that was all about today's post.
Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Nee Cara Oval Foundation Brush Review

Hi girls,
Hope you have enjoyed Eid with your family and friends in the best way.

Today I am talking about oval shaped versatile brush by Nee Cara. As you all are familiar and you must have  been looking at the spoon brush instagram trend and on YouTube videos for a while, and i really wanted to give it a go for myself.
They look so different and perfect for blending. Well I have some concerns about these brushes for application of eye shadows and their blending, I am not sure how they work in that area in real. But I was so tempted for a foundation brush, because I thought it's shape and texture would be perfect for foundation blending.

Nee Cara brushes are said to be the dupe of Artis brushes.

Nee Cara Versatile brush

The packaging is of transparent plastic box container where  small wire loops are used to keep the brush intact. The one that I got is in dull gold. The shape of the handle is just like that of a tooth brush, and the brush head is like a spoon but little bigger in size. The length and angle of the handle is perfect for application and blending.

Bristles are very soft and dense. And I didn't notice any shedding as well.
First I used it to blend foundation. After applying foundation in dots form, moving the brush in circular motion makes blending flawless. Also due to its small head size ( little bigger than tooth brush) it reaches easily at every corner and contour of the face, like around nose and eyes.
But I wanted the same sort of brush in bigger size for foundation application. This is smaller as compared to what I wanted.
So next I tried to apply blush with it . And due to its small size it worked very well for blush application. Since then, I am using it for applying blush and I am very happy with it. The size is perfect for this purpose. I have not tried but it can also be used for highlighter application on cheek bones and at the bridge of the nose.

You have to hold this brush in between your palm and fingers ( unlike other brushes which are held between thumb and forefinger), so it has non slip handle and the shape of the handle is perfect for firm grip.

Nee Cara Versatile brush
Nee Cara Versatile brush
Nee Cara Versatile brush

Overall I am very happy with the performance of this versatile brush. Because it blends the product very smoothly and seamlessly. I couldn't find any negative in it except it's size being small for foundation application.
I bought it online and it's price is PKR 900.

Have you tried these oval brushes, how was your experience? Leave your feedback in comments.

Take care and stay happy.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

The Balm Mary Lou_manizer Highlighter Review, Photos and Swatches

Hi beauties,

Today I am talking about The balm Mary Loumanizer.

Okay........ I know as everything everyone has said about it already. So I'll keep it short.

So Mary _Lou is a Champaign gold highlighting powder with a buttery soft texture. When applied with brush or even with your fingers, it leaves behind a radiant glow. The glow is so nice and subtle which is visible when the area where it is applied captures the light.

Its a soft shimmering champaign color with subtle gold tones. The compact contains s lot of product and you need a very little amount to build that golden shimmer.
Its not like overly shimmery or glittery.
Mary _ Lou is a highlighter which I think will flatter every skin tone.
Comes in a card board packaging which is good to keep the products scratch free. Inside there is a big round pan of highlighter, with the same big sized mirror. Full marks to packaging and quantity of the product.

You can apply it with your highlighter brush or with fingers whatever suits you.
After finishing my makeup I apply it a little on my cheek bones  and then blend it. Also at the bridge of nose ,at the corner of my eyes, above brow bone and cupids bow.
I tell you it looks so beautiful and gives my face a dewy finish.
Also at times I have applied it alone on my eye lids, after applying a little bit of concealer. Oh it looks so beautiful, and gives a very natural glow to my face.

The lasting power is also good. It lasts from 5-6 hours on my face.( remember I don't have oily skin).

As you can see the pan is bigger as compared to normal blushes/highlighters. So it will last longer coz it needs a little amount for that glow. I repeat just a little amount is enough for a subtle glow else you will over do it.

I bought it from from a Facebook page for PKR 2400. Very expensive but I think it is worth each and every penny.
I am loving this highlighter and it has become a staple in my makeup routine. And whenever I will hit tha pan ( it will take very long time) I will definitely repurchase it.

Have you tried this highlighter?
Which is your favorite?

Till next post, take care and stay blessed.

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