Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo Review

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Today I am here to review a shampoo that I am using for quite some time.

Before going into the details let me tell you that I occasionally dye my hair just for a change ( although I never get my desired colour😂😂). But still just for the love of ongoing trends I pick some decent colours to dye my hair. The problem was that whenever I washed my hair a couple of days after dying, I could see a lot of coloured water while rinsing my hair after shampooing them. And it used to happen every time I wash my hair.

What does it mean.........? Obviously The shampoo I was using had too harsh chemicals in it that it washed away all the dye from my hair. And it happened in every wash. It was so irritating for me because it takes a lot of energy and time to apply dye and obviously money as well. I had read alot of reviews about shampoos for colour treated hair, but I was not sure whether they work well or not. But then I decided to give it a try. I didn't want to go for any expensive brand in my first attempt, but at the same time I wanted to get good results. So after reading some good reviews, I decided to purchase Herbal Essences Color me happy Shampoo.
Now after telling my long story let's go to the review.😁😄

I will start with packaging. It comes in a beautiful pink coloured plastic bottle which is little curvy. And that curvy shape looks a bit stylish.The colour of the bottle is hot pink, it feels so refreshing and gives me spring vibes.😃 The cap opens by pressing from one side. And then by pressing the open end it shuts tightly without leakage. So it is travel friendly, a good point.

The shampoo inside is of pale pink colour. The consistency is jelly like, neither too thick not too thin, perfect for a shampoo. The smell is fruity/ floral having sweet notes. But it is very mild and pleasant. The shampoo has essences of rose flowers in it, so I guess it can be fragrance of rose.

Now coming to the most important part of the review. When I used it for the first time, I had no big expectations from this shampoo. Because I was trying this brand for the first time and also my experience with other some very expensive brands regarding their shampoo was not so good. So I had no high expectations.

But you know what happened after the first use....................I was very happy😄😄.

Here are the reasons why.....

It takes only a small amount of shampoo to wash your hair. Makes a very good lather and cleans hair and scalp very well. And the most important part is that it does not washes away my hair dye. I mean while rinsing my hair I can see clear water running through. I was very happy with the results. And I decided to continue the use this shampoo. Now it has been around two months and I am completely satisfied. One thing I want to mention here is that if my hair are oily( my hair get oily after two days of wash) than I have to wash my hair twice with this shampoo because with just one wash I don't feel like the oil gets washed away completely. So I wash my hair twice if they are oily. Secondly after wash it gives a decent amount of shine and softness to the hair. If you want extra shine then you have to use conditioner as well.

The price is PKR 390 and it is available easily at different stores and shops. Overall I am very happy with the performance of this shampoo. Because it helps retain my hair colour for a longer time period. It gives good results in reasonable price.

That is all for today girls. Hope my today's review is helpful for anyone who is looking for shampoo specially for colour treated hair. You can give your feedback in comments section.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My Latest Jewelry Haul

Hey girls,

Hope all are good.

Jewelery is every girl's love. Jewelry, whether of gold or artificial,  it attracts every girl's attention. No girl can ever resist purchasing jewelry,  whether she needs it or not 😀😀😀.

Today I am sharing my latest jewelry haul with all of you.

I always love elegant jewelry sets , specially ear studs, bracelets and rings. I  buy those in small and medium sizes, to wear in daily life or some formal occasions. Besides them this time I wanted some jewelry for festive and wedding occasions.

My latest jewelry haul

So here you can see what I have added to my jewelry collection.

My latest jewelry haul

Look at this stunning piece. Those white and gold jhumkas are love. They are so beautiful, I couldn't resist purchasing them. They can go with any thing gold and white.

That red beautiful set, Jhumkas and matching ring. I bought them specially to match my gold and red net dress.

So colourful yet beautiful. These multicolored ear rings set can go with any colour dress.

I love these cuties. I have a variety of such small ear studs in different designs but never get enough of them.

It's all about today. Girls tell me do you like my jewelry haul. And which piece you like most?

Till next time take care and stay blessed.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Baked Mutton Chops Recipe, Special Treat For Iftars

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having a great time.

Muslims all around the world are fasting these days, because it is the most blessed month of Ramazan. May Allah shower his blessings on all of us.

Keeping this blessed month in view, today I am sharing again a very simple and quick recipe, which is finger licking yummy as well.

In Ramazan , I always cook those recipes that take less time to cook, so that I can have more time to offer my prayers. And when mercury has risen so much that it is almost impossible to stand in the kitchen for a few minutes, then these quick cook recipes are life savers.

Now let's move on to the recipe. First of all here are the ingredients.


**Mutton chops.                        1/2kg
**Yogurt.                                      1/2cup
**Garlic paste.                            1tspn
**Ginger paste.                           1tspn
**Salt.                                            to taste
**Crushed red chilli.                   to taste
**Chaat masala.                         to taste
**Lemon juice.                            1tspn
**Oil.                                              1 tbspn

I have mentioned the quantity of all ingredients. You can increase or decrease anything according to your taste buds.


First of all put all chops in a bowl. Put salt and ginger garlic paste in it. And mix these ingredients in the chops well. Now boil these mutton chops, till they get tender and remain juicy but not fully cooked.

Put them in a platter and let cool. Meanwhile you prepare marinate for the chops. Put yogurt in a bowl. Add all ingredients other than ginger/garlic paste in it.(because ginger/garlic is already added). Mix them well. Put it in the refrigerator for two hours, or you can also  put it overnight.

Now after marinating, it's time for baking. Cover baking tray with foil paper. And put all chops on the tray. The oven must be preheated for 15 minutes prior to this. Now bake them for 35 minutes on 250 degrees.Put chops upside down halfway​. And your mutton chops are ready to serve.

Serve them hot with mint chutney. Kids love it with ketchup. And believe me every one asks for more. They look simple but finger licking delicious.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can freeze the chops after boiling with ginger garlic paste, and take them out for baking any other time you want. You can freeze them before Ramazan starts, and enjoy them in your Iftars after baking, saving more time.😃😃

Chops after boiling
Chops marinate
Baked mutton chops recipe
Baked mutton chops recipe
Baked mutton chops recipe

That was all about today. Tell me in comments section how do you like my today's recipe.

Till next time, take care and stay happy.
Happy Ramazan.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Special Ramazan Recipe

Hello everyone,

Hope all are doing great.

Today I am here after a break. Was away from blogging due to my father's death. Going through the most painful phase of my life. But as you all know life goes on, and we have to do our part. So I am back to blogosphere with an easy and yummy recipe, hope you all will like it.

As we all know that we are having a special guest of Allah these days, Ramazan Kareem. Every one whether young or old wants to gather more and more blessings of Allah during this Holy month. We see that ladies have to spend a lot of time in their kitchens, preparing yummy dishes for their family in Sahr and specially for Iftar.

Here I would like to share my thoughts about it. We should focus on our prayers more as compared to any other things. Rather than making so many dishes for Iftar, spare more time for reciting Holy Quran and farz/ nafl prayers and take proper rest. Keep your Iftar healthy yet simple. If Allah has blessed you and you can afford to have many dishes for one time, than think of those who can't have even one. So help those people and share with them. This will not only give you inner happiness but also Allah will multiply your reward many times and will bless you with more.

And last but not the least that it will also ease the burden of the ladies, of all long day kitchen work, because it is very difficult for them to stand in the kitchen in front of the heat preparing different foods. So this Ramazan keep it simple 😃.

Now coming back to the recipe. Today I am sharing a very easy and quick cook recipe. You can prepare it for dinner or even can enjoy it in Sehri. You can prepare it for any meal other than  Ramazan as well. Some people also call it as a detailed version of omelette. Let's see what I have to share today.

Here are the ingredients:


** Eggs                  4

**Potatoes            1
   ( cut in cubes and boiled)

**Tomatoes.         2
    ( cut in cubes)

**Onion                  2
    ( cut in very small cubes like used for        omelette)

** Green chilli.      4

** Coriander leaves

**Green and.      8-10 sliced
    black olives

**Cheese              1/2 cup grated

** Red chilli powder


(Red chilli and salt to taste).

I have mentioned the quantity of all ingredients to give you an idea. You can increase or reduce the quantity of any ingredient as per your taste and liking.

Special Ramazan recipe


Now the method is super easy and quick. Beat all eggs in a bowl. Add all other ingredients and spices in it. It will form a mixture. Mix it well.
Now put oil in a pan and put it on a slow flame. After the oil gets moderately heated, put the mixture in the pan. And let it cook.
After it is properly cooked, take it out in a platter and serve hot.
You can enjoy it with parathas and plain roti/ chapati as well.

Total time for preparation and cooking is not more than 15 minutes.

I am sure you will like this super easy recipe. And your family members will love eating it, specially kids because it looks very colourful.

Let me know about your feedback in the comments section. And what is your super easy and quick recipe for Ramazan? Share it with us.

Till next time take care and stay blessed. Happy Ramazan.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection 2017

Hi girls,

Hope all are good and enjoying change in weather.

Although summer has not started yet but lawn has already arrived. Lawn is a fabric which most ladies love to wear in summers. Lawn is no longer just any fabric that you wear to cool off in the summer and feel comfortable in the heat, rather it has become a fashion statement. 
Printed lawn suits are just as expensive as silks and chiffons. 

There are some brands that are pioneers in the lawn industry. These are the big names whom customers trust for their fabric quality, fast colours and beautiful prints. But they are very expensive as well.

There was a time, when a lawn suit was available in every clothing shop at reasonable prices which every woman could afford. Every one could wear these dresses but this is not the case anymore. This is due to the introduction of the designer lawn. Almost every designer has now introduced their lawn prints. The women want to grab the best prints before others get hold of them and there are many instances of cat fights that we have witnessed last year. 

Every year the prices of the lawn prints are increased in thousands but still this cannot stop women to get their hands on their favourite prints.

Among all those expensive designer brands there is one brand that offers unique designs and prints at affordable prices. Al- Zohaib textiles is the brand that gives you style and cost-effectiveness at one place. 
 Anum Lawn 2017 is a collection of lawn prints with beautiful and eye catching colour palette. It contains all the coloirful hues of soft, pastels and bright ones too.

Al- Zohaib Anum lawn collection

 Al-Zohaib Anum lawn collection has a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and the diverse range of quality fabric to be worn at different times of a day and also at different occasions.

 Pakistani lawn suits  are well known for their beautiful prints and comfortable fabric to beat the heat of scorching months of summer. That is the reason why not only Pakistani but many other Asian women living around the world like Pakistani lawn dresses.

Spring is around the corner and all the top designers are ready to launch their summer lawn collection. And we should get ready to witness all this lawn fever for the next 6, 7 months. But if you want to buy beautiful prints but at affordable prices then Anum lawn by Al-Zohaib textiles is the best option.

This is all for today. I hope you like my post and it might be helpful if you are planning to buy lawn suits this summer.

Take care and stay happy.

Monday, 13 February 2017

My Latest Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share my latest haul with all of you.
Although I don't buy too much make up brushes, because I am very much satisfied with what I have. They are really doing a great job and I am not going to replace them.

Last month while looking for some products on different online stores, I came across a very cute brush set. And I couldn't resist my self at purchasing it.

It is a hello Kitty pink brush set. I really liked the packaging, a tin container which looks so adorable. Besides packing and container box, the brushes themselves look so cute with pink handles and white and pink bristles.

The lady was sweet enough and she sent me a set of pink ear studs too as a gift for purchasing first time from her. Really like this gesture.

I don't know about the quality of brushes because I haven't tried them yet. But I hope that they will perform well. Will be sharing my experience about these brushes soon.

The price of this set was PKR 650/.

That was all about today's short post.
Till next time take care and stay blessed.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Press Release: PTV To Launch Drama Serial ‘FARZ’

Hello everyone,

With all the private drama channels perpetually portraying woman as a vulnerable and helpless creature to win more ‘rating points’, PTV is all set to challenge the trend by presenting a powerful and progressive female protagonist in its upcoming mega drama serial ‘Farz’ set to start from 6th February (Monday) at 7:45 pm on PTV Home.

Written by a young and promising playwright Aamir Raza the 17-episode drama serial is directed by the maestro Kashif Nisar who is known for handling sensitive subjects sensibly and convincingly. ‘Farz’ is a latest production of Sixth Sense Communications that is well known for its issue-based communications through entertainment with thought provoking products ‘Kis Se Kahoon’ and ‘Aasha – Ik Umeed’ to its credit; that also ran on PTV Home.

The protagonist is a girl next door who takes charge of her life and becomes an epitome of success and courage for the weaker gender. The character of Aliya brilliantly played by Sonia Mishal, shows how, fighting back patriarchy and discrimination at every level, she rises to become a police officer to steer her life through.

Sonia is supported by brilliant artistes including Nauman Ijaz, Qavi Khan, Saleem Mairaj, Inayat Khan, Amna Malik, Azra Aftab, Iftikhar Iffi and Aymi Khan – a team that promises a gripping drama serial.

The sub-plot of crime and extortion adds to the pace and suspense of the play while another romantic track unveils the hidden truth of exploitation and domestic violence Pakistani women have to suffer through.

While majority of popular drama channels daily showing women being brutalised and abused by men and, conversely, men are depicted as the exclusive decision-makers, PTV’s ‘Farz’ is an effort to counter this trend and encourage Pakistani woman to lead its life with honour and dignity.

That's all for now.Till next time, take care and stay blessed.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Creamy Cheese Fruits Yogurt Recipe

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying these rainy days of winters. Because now winters come for a very short span of time in our country, and these are the days we can enjoy having soup, coffee, our traditional winter foods like " gajar ka halwa"( sweet dish made with carrots , milk, nuts and cheese) etc.

Today I am going to share another personal recipe of mine. In my last post I mentioned the importance of healthy foods in our lives. I also mentioned that eating healthy foods is one of my goals this year. I was not much into eating fruits a few months back. But then I decided to add fruits and raw veggies more in my daily food intake. Gradually increasing the quantity, now my lunch is made up of fruits only. I really love it and am very happy that I eat almost all seasonal fruits daily. This is really a healthy start in my life.
Now without further ado let's go to the recipe.


** Yogurt ( I use fresh yogurt)
** Cream cheese
** Cream ( fresh or packed any brand)
** Brown sugar/ Honey
** Fresh seasonal fruits ( avoid citrus fruits)
** Dry fruits/ nuts of your choice for topping ( I use walnuts)
** Chocolate chips for topping( use them occasionally)

(I have not mentioned the quantity, it all depends on your taste).


The method is super easy. Cut all fruits in cubes. Put them in a bowl. Now in another bowl add cream cheese . Cream cheese mostly has very thick creamy consistency. Make it soft and smooth with the help of whisk or fork. You can add a few drops of milk to achieve soft creamy consistency. Now add fresh cream or packed cream in it . Blend them with a fork and finally add yogurt and make a smooth mixture of all by blending with whisk or fork. Adding brown sugar or honey is optional depending on the yogurt. If you feel it sour then you can add brown sugar or honey in it to make it sweet. Now put all fruits in this creamy yogurt, mix them well. Top it with dry fruits of your choice, I add walnuts. You can also top it with chocolate chips at the end.  But use them very occasionally not on regular basis. Otherwise the basic concept of healthy eating will be lost somewhere. Same is the case with cream cheese and cream. Don't use them too much in quantity specially those people who want to loose weight, just keep it simple with more fruits and nuts and other things less.

Creamy cheese fruits yogurt

See I have shared how quick and simple recipe with all of you. And trust me it tastes so good. I started this in last Ramadan and I am  hooked to it . I don't want to change my lunch menu. I just bring variations in it by adding seasonal fruits , veggies and nuts.

That is all for today folks. I hope you like my recipe. And when you try it you will definitely love it. Share with me your feedback.

Till next time take care and stay warm.

Feel free to contact me at: shumails16@gmail.com

Friday, 20 January 2017

DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is fine and enjoying winters.

Today I am going to share something different on my blog. In today's world where technology is an important part of our lives and we can not imagine living without it. Technology has become that tool on which most of us rely for our daily routine work and very important tasks as well. In fact it has become a great way to improve our lives, making them much easier than before.

We see so many gadgets around us. And among them the one which is most common is smart phones. I am not going into details about the functions and working of these cell phones...........every body knows it. But many people don't know that smart phones have totally changed the fate of our traditional wrist watches. Now these wrist watches, that were meant only to keep us updated on time, have now become mini smart phones.

DZ09 blue tooth smart watch is one of these next generation watches.This Smart Watch is micro SIM card supported that has highly sensitive touch screen. It is bluetooth compatible with android smartphones. I am mentioning here some of it's phone functions like Call Record, Phone Book, Hands-free , Phone Call, Sleep, Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Answer Call, Dial Call and many more. These are the functions that we are looking for in almost every gadget which is handy and travels with us.
DZ09 Smart Watch is a must have if you love trying new gadgets to make your life more easier and want to look stylish at the same time.

 Android smart watch price in Pakistan is very reasonable. You can check different online stores to compare the prices before making final decision.

Now make your life super easy with this elegant and stylish watch that works as a mini cell phone as well.

 Wrist watches have now become more than a time piece. They have become luxurious gadgets that complete the overall look of a person. Everyone wants to keep him/herself up in the society with a perfect look and belongings.

If you are looking for a wrist watch for yourself or to give someone as a present, then get this DZ09 blue tooth smart watch which has so many additional functions besides the basic purpose of wearing a wrist watch.

That is all for today. Hope you like my post.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Healthy Food For A Healthy Body

Hello everyone,
Hope all are good.

First month of 2017 is about to finish . Many of us have set their goals that we want to achieve this year. We all are passionate about achieving something in our life. Among some other things one very important goal that I am going to pursue this year is healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. If we are physically and mentally healthy only then we can struggle hard to  achieve our other life goals.

It is not too difficult to start healthy eating habits. Yes we have to quit eating some food on regular basis and replace it with natural and organic food. But it must not be too difficult if you know that results are going to be awesome.

When I say good health then I want all of you to think for a while about the food that you are eating. Because our health is directly related to what we eat. There are some other factors as well like surrounding environment, daily exercise, stress level etc. But smart food choices  can make a lot of difference, and it is a first step towards a healthy life.

We all know what smart food choices are. Like eating healthy, nutritious and balanced food daily. Eating fruits, vegetables, is of utmost importance. But in fact in today's world these fruits and vegetables are ruined by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemical sprays and fertilizers have made them tasteless. On the other hand the growth hormones that are given to chickens, cows and other cattle to increase the production of milk and meat, has done the worst part. Writing all this in detail doesn't mean to make you more stressed. I just want to say that having the idea of good food and bad food in mind, you still can make healthy food choices for you. You should know that every food that is claiming to be " natural and organic", can be a lie. So today I am sharing some tips for all of you to choose healthy foods for you and your family.

(pictures: Google)

** We all love eating pizzas, burgers, fries, donuts, cakes etc. Who doesn't like eating these things........? In fact I love them too. But eat them occasionally, not on regular basis. All these things can be prepared at home as well and you know the amount of fat or sodium you are using in it. Plus food prepared at home is hygienic.

**Eat more fruits and vegetables. Believe me they are full of energy.

** Replace processed food from your refrigerators and kitchens with whole and natural food products or those that are least processed.

** When purchasing food items make a habit of checking their expiry date and ingredients list. Avoid purchasing food with high sodium, sugar, artificial flavors, colours and preservatives.

** Also try to reduce the the consumption of instant foods like instant noodles. They are not good for health.

** White sugar and salt are called white poisons. Use brown sugar instead of white and use less salt in your daily foods. Also eat brown rice instead of white rice.

** Eat fruits and nuts between meals as snacks instead of eating oily or high calorie food. You can eat nuts in many different ways like adding them in your salads, mix them in fruits and enjoy the goodness in them.

** Drink more water. Reduce the consumption of fizzy drinks and packaged juices because of high sugar content in them. Drink fresh juices.

** Reduce the consumption of oil in your daily cooking. Avoid deep frying as much as you can. And always use good quality oil.

** Cook those recipes that are quick to cook. Select the ingredients that lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart diseases, reduce cholesterol levels and are overall good for health.

That were some easy tips that can help everyone to start healthy eating habits. We all must be following some of these tips like eating more vegetables, fruits and drinking more water. But one thing I wanted to emphasize here in my post was the difference between "real natural food" and the one that claims to be " natural and organic". And the health disasters caused due to too much use of instant, and canned food.

We all know that " health is a wealth ". All the other things in life look good and attractive, only if we have this wealth. So take good care of this wealth before it is gone.

That was all about today. Hope you like my post. Send me your precious feedback.

Till next post, take care and stay healthy.

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