Monday, 12 June 2017

Baked Mutton Chops Recipe, Special Treat For Iftars

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Muslims all around the world are fasting these days, because it is the most blessed month of Ramazan. May Allah shower his blessings on all of us.

Keeping this blessed month in view, today I am sharing again a very simple and quick recipe, which is finger licking yummy as well.

In Ramazan , I always cook those recipes that take less time to cook, so that I can have more time to offer my prayers. And when mercury has risen so much that it is almost impossible to stand in the kitchen for a few minutes, then these quick cook recipes are life savers.

Now let's move on to the recipe. First of all here are the ingredients.


**Mutton chops.                        1/2kg
**Yogurt.                                      1/2cup
**Garlic paste.                            1tspn
**Ginger paste.                           1tspn
**Salt.                                            to taste
**Crushed red chilli.                   to taste
**Chaat masala.                         to taste
**Lemon juice.                            1tspn
**Oil.                                              1 tbspn

I have mentioned the quantity of all ingredients. You can increase or decrease anything according to your taste buds.


First of all put all chops in a bowl. Put salt and ginger garlic paste in it. And mix these ingredients in the chops well. Now boil these mutton chops, till they get tender and remain juicy but not fully cooked.

Put them in a platter and let cool. Meanwhile you prepare marinate for the chops. Put yogurt in a bowl. Add all ingredients other than ginger/garlic paste in it.(because ginger/garlic is already added). Mix them well. Put it in the refrigerator for two hours, or you can also  put it overnight.

Now after marinating, it's time for baking. Cover baking tray with foil paper. And put all chops on the tray. The oven must be preheated for 15 minutes prior to this. Now bake them for 35 minutes on 250 degrees.Put chops upside down halfway​. And your mutton chops are ready to serve.

Serve them hot with mint chutney. Kids love it with ketchup. And believe me every one asks for more. They look simple but finger licking delicious.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can freeze the chops after boiling with ginger garlic paste, and take them out for baking any other time you want. You can freeze them before Ramazan starts, and enjoy them in your Iftars after baking, saving more time.😃😃

Chops after boiling
Chops marinate
Baked mutton chops recipe
Baked mutton chops recipe
Baked mutton chops recipe

That was all about today. Tell me in comments section how do you like my today's recipe.

Till next time, take care and stay happy.
Happy Ramazan.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Special Ramazan Recipe

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Today I am here after a break. Was away from blogging due to my father's death. Going through the most painful phase of my life. But as you all know life goes on, and we have to do our part. So I am back to blogosphere with an easy and yummy recipe, hope you all will like it.

As we all know that we are having a special guest of Allah these days, Ramazan Kareem. Every one whether young or old wants to gather more and more blessings of Allah during this Holy month. We see that ladies have to spend a lot of time in their kitchens, preparing yummy dishes for their family in Sahr and specially for Iftar.

Here I would like to share my thoughts about it. We should focus on our prayers more as compared to any other things. Rather than making so many dishes for Iftar, spare more time for reciting Holy Quran and farz/ nafl prayers and take proper rest. Keep your Iftar healthy yet simple. If Allah has blessed you and you can afford to have many dishes for one time, than think of those who can't have even one. So help those people and share with them. This will not only give you inner happiness but also Allah will multiply your reward many times and will bless you with more.

And last but not the least that it will also ease the burden of the ladies, of all long day kitchen work, because it is very difficult for them to stand in the kitchen in front of the heat preparing different foods. So this Ramazan keep it simple 😃.

Now coming back to the recipe. Today I am sharing a very easy and quick cook recipe. You can prepare it for dinner or even can enjoy it in Sehri. You can prepare it for any meal other than  Ramazan as well. Some people also call it as a detailed version of omelette. Let's see what I have to share today.

Here are the ingredients:


** Eggs                  4

**Potatoes            1
   ( cut in cubes and boiled)

**Tomatoes.         2
    ( cut in cubes)

**Onion                  2
    ( cut in very small cubes like used for        omelette)

** Green chilli.      4

** Coriander leaves

**Green and.      8-10 sliced
    black olives

**Cheese              1/2 cup grated

** Red chilli powder


(Red chilli and salt to taste).

I have mentioned the quantity of all ingredients to give you an idea. You can increase or reduce the quantity of any ingredient as per your taste and liking.

Special Ramazan recipe


Now the method is super easy and quick. Beat all eggs in a bowl. Add all other ingredients and spices in it. It will form a mixture. Mix it well.
Now put oil in a pan and put it on a slow flame. After the oil gets moderately heated, put the mixture in the pan. And let it cook.
After it is properly cooked, take it out in a platter and serve hot.
You can enjoy it with parathas and plain roti/ chapati as well.

Total time for preparation and cooking is not more than 15 minutes.

I am sure you will like this super easy recipe. And your family members will love eating it, specially kids because it looks very colourful.

Let me know about your feedback in the comments section. And what is your super easy and quick recipe for Ramazan? Share it with us.

Till next time take care and stay blessed. Happy Ramazan.