Thursday, 25 February 2016

MAC Russian Red Lipstick Photos, Review, Swatches

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The weather has changed alot. And I can feel the freshness of spring in the air. Every one loves this colorful season. Enjoy this beautiful weather before those scorching months of summer.

Today I am going to talk about one of my most favorite lipstick and that is Russian Red by MAC. I also mentioned it in my favorites post a few weeks back.
All of you must have read lot of reviews about it. Now its my turn to talk about this baby.

You know red is such a classy such an elegant color to wear on the lips. Sometimes ago I was reluctant to wear red on my lips.
The first red shade in lippies that caught my interest while looking for swatches on the net was this Russian Red. It is such a gorgeous shade that in no time I decided to get it.

MAC Russian Red lipstick

First of all comes the packaging. Same classic black bullet with silver lining. The packaging itself gives a feel that you have a high end brand in your hands. Looks simple yet classy.Can easily be slipped into the bag because the cap closes tightly.

MAC Russian Red is a perfect red color in my opinion. It is neither orangy nor brownish shade, just a perfect red color with blue undertone. I am in love with this shade since I have it.

MAC Russian Red lipstick
MAC Russian Red lipstick swatch

The texture is very creamy but gives a matte finish. My lips are very dry but I never found this lipstick drying on my lips. It keeps them well moisturised. I like such creamy texture in lippies that don't feel heavy on the lips. Also it makes my teeth look whiter.
The lipstick is super pigmented. Just  one swipe gives you a full color payoff.
Staying power is too good. Doesn't transfer much while drinking or eating. And when fades away it leaves behind a nice red tint.

I would definitely repurchase it and would recommend to anyone who loves to rock red lippies.
It is available at many online pages and some good drugstores. But before ordering anything from online pages make it sure that they sell genuine products. I bought it from Dwatson at the price of PKR 2250.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Guest Post: Batiste Dry Shampoo In Blush

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Today's post is written by my fellow and a very sweet blogger friend Farya Khan of Beauty and the dewdrop blog. She has a very nice blog where you can find everything about makeup products, fashion, hauls and tips as well. Her way of writing is very simple and straightforward. I like her blog very much.
I am very happy to share this post with you girls because this is first guest post in my blog.
Now without further ado let's see what she has written for our readers..

This is Farya Khan from beauty and dewdrop blog and I am writing a guest post on my dear friend Shumail's blog.

Now we all have been there where we have greasy hair and are too lazy to jump into the shower. Enters the knight in shiny armour " dry shampoo " to save you from embarrassment  at college or at work from that sticky, oily and flat look.

I have been quite skeptical about much raved power of batiste dry shampoo as my hair become oily in just one day after wash and then lie flat on my head ; bummer.
When I spotted batiste dry shampoo at lush groom , I immediately ordered it.

Price: PKR 750/  7.99$
Quantity: 200 ml

Batiste dry shampoo in blush
Batiste dry shampoo in blush

What it claims to do:
It instantly makes your hair clean,fresh,full of body and texture.

My thoughts:
After following the instructions on the bottle, I shook it and sprayed the product on my hair.
The first thing I noticed was the floral and feminine scent and the second thing was white powder/cast on my hair. I brushed them and that white cast immediately disappeared. Although my hair did not feel squeeky clean as they do after washing with shampoo, but they looked clean and non greasy. Also the volume that dry shampoo gave to my hair was amazing.

The refreshing scent lasts for a few hours. I wouldn't recommend to use it regularly as I don't trust those leave in chemicals on my scalp for a long time but this is a life saver when you have very important event coming up or you need some extra volume for your hair.

My rating:
4.5 out of 5

Have you ever tried dry shampoo from any other brand? Give your feedback .

So girls that was all about today's post from Farya Khan. I am sure you will like it and give your feedback in comments section. Also visit her blog at,

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