Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Women's Fashion Shopping Online In Pakistan

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The trend of online shopping of various products is getting popular in the country day by day due to an easy way of purchasing. A lot of companies have established their business networks through Facebook, Instagram and other sites offering different services and products including fashion apparel,foot wear, electronics, books, gifts, toys, clothing for men and women, kids fashion etc.

When we talk about women's fashion apparel , then embroidered dresses are always at the top. Embroidery, whether heavy or intricate, always give an elegant and luxurious look to the fabric.
These days it is very easy to get an embroidered dress of your choice while ordering online.
 Embroidered chiffon dresses  are not only the top choice as a party wear but also this light fabric gives a comfy feel in these hot summer days.

 You know it is mostly said that punctuality is a virtue. A wrist watch is as much an accessory as it is a time piece. Wearing a beautiful watch not only keeps you on time but also gives an elegance to your complete look.
While shopping online you can choose from lots of options available for
 Ladies watches . Watches with gold or black dial can go with every dress. They are the best for office wear because they give a very decent look. If you are a teen-ager or a student you can have trendy watches available with colorful straps and dials.

That is all for today. Hope you will like my suggestions and it will help you in choosing your dress/accessories for
 Eid- ul -Azha.

Till next time, take care and stay happy.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner 77 Review, Swatches, Photos

Hi everyone,
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Today the product I am talking about is Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in shade 77.

We all girls know that eye liner is every girl's best friend and has a very important part in creating an eye look. And sometimes when in hurry I only apply eye liner to enhance my eyes.

Inglot is a Polish brand and was established thirty years ago. It was launched in Pakistan a few months back. It has its outlets in different cities.

Inglot Gel liner comes in small and cute tub shaped packaging with a black lid that closes tightly. The outer cardboard box has all the details mentioned on it.

Inglot AMC Gel liner 77

You need an angled liner brush or a pointed thin tip brush to apply the liner, whatever you feel comfortable with. I use thin tip brush because I am used to it and can apply precise liner quickly.

Inglot AMC Gel liner is the blackest jet black of all liners that I have ever used. Only a small touch of brush on the liner surface and it is enough to cover your upper lash line. You can get desired and intense look by applying more. The consistency is creamy and glides smoothly. Another plus point is that it is water resistant and hypoallergenic. For me yes it is water resistant when I swatched it on my hand and couldn't take it off with plain water.  Well for my eyelids it came off with plain water, but not very easily, I had to rub it several times after putting splashes of water. But I am happy with it. It is smudge free and doesn't transfer at all once you let it dry completely. It is also long lasting, lasted for the whole day on my eyes.

Another good thing is that it dries completely matte, no glossiness or shine at all. And I love it for this reason because I don't like glossy finish eyeliners.

Inglot AMC Gel liner 77
Inglot AMC Gel liner swatches
Inglot AMC Gel liner swatches

You can see in the above pictures, how intense and jet black it is.

I have heard some girls saying that it dries up in the pot. Well, I got it in March this year and it has been five months, it is working smoothly,( although it is not a very long time). If it doesn't get dry in the pot then it will last longer, and I hope so😃.

I purchased it from their outlet in Centaurus Mall for PKR 1300. Bit pricey but you get a quality product.
If you are a girl who loves a strong black liner then you you should definitely give it a go. I strongly recommend it.

That's all girls. Have you tried Inglot AMC Gel liner? Give me your feedback on this in comments section.

Take care and stay blessed.

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Beauty World Mousse Glitters Review, Photos, Swatches

Hey lovelies,

A few weeks back I purchased a mousse glitters palette from Beauty World. And I also posted a swatch video in my Instagram feed. Meanwhile i was testing them , and now it is the time to share my thoughts.

Beauty World mousse glitters come in a transparent pan with transparent cover. Inside there are 12 glitter pots, with lids that close tightly.

Beauty World mousse glitters
Beauty World mousse glitters

The pigmentation of these glitters is ahhhmazing. Just one swipe gives a good colour pay off. You don't need any glue to stick these glitters to your eyelids. As they are mousse glitters, they will stick to your eyelids without creating any mess. I chose these glitters because there is no need of any glitter glue sort of thing like in loose glitters, so saving my time and also no mess created in the pan or while application.
Take some glitter from the pot with the help of brush and apply on the eyelid just like you pack the eyeshadow on the lid, and that's it. There is no fall out while application, but after some time I noticed some particles scattered around the eyes, but that was very minimal.

Beauty World mousse glitters
Beauty World mousse glitters swatches
Beauty World mousse glitters swatches

You can see how vibrant these glitters are. I have used them on the top of my eye shadow for a glittery eye look and also used them as liners. They look beautiful in both the ways. Staying power is also pretty decent.
Along with their regular palettes they give an option to customize your own palette. This is my customized palette and the price is PKR 900, which is very reasonable. The price of their regular palettes is PKR 800. You get 12 glitter pans of your own choice at so affordable price.
In short they are worth a try, easy to use and don't make a hole in your pocket as well. So I definitely recommend them to any one who want to play with glitters in creating eye looks.

That is all for now. I hope you like it. Do you like glittery eye looks, which glitters do you like to use? Tell me in your comments.

Take care and stay happy.

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Another Haul Update

Hi girls,
Hope you are having good time.
My today's post is again a haul post. And I will try to keep it short.

This time again I purchased from Bia's cosmetics which is reliable and trustworthy online store for branded products. The things that I got are as follows:
1. Babyliss wax heater
2. Rica Brazilian wax with avocado butter
3. Ferraruci oval shaped foundation      brush

Babyliss wax heater
Rica Brazilian wax
Ferraruci oval shaped brush

I am always very concerned about hygiene whenever I visit salon, specially when it comes to waxing and facials. Also at times it is difficult to visit the salon because of tight schedule. So I wanted to get a complete waxing system for face use. Heard some good reviews about Rica Brazilian wax. It is available at Bia's cosmetics at reasonable price.So I ordered it, and with that a wax heater is essential, which is by Babyliss.

The last but not the least is ferraruci oval brush. A few months back I purchased Nee Cara Oval brush for applying foundation. That is awesome, but the size of the brush was smaller in my opinion for quick foundation application. I wanted one in bigger size. So when I saw it available at Bia's cosmetics , I ordered it without giving a second thought. You can see in pictures how elegant it looks.

Here are the prices that I paid for these items:
Rica wax 400 ml tub PKR 999
Wax heater PKR 1450
Ferraruci brush PKR 1150

That was all about today's post.

Take care and stay happy.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Inglot AMC Lip Paint #67 Review, Swatches And Photos

Hey girls,
Hoping that you all are doing great.
Today the product under the spot light is Inglot AMC Lip Paint # 67.
Inglot was established in Poland 30 years ago and now it has become one of the leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. It was launched in Pakistan a few months back. And soon after that I bought this lip paint from its outlet in Centaurus Mall. Since then I am using it and I think it is the best time to share my thoughts about it.

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 67 comes in a small transparent pot made of glass with a black cover  which is enclosed in a black cardboard packaging. The pot has a classy and elegant look to it.
The pot/tub shaped packaging means you need to dig in your fingers or use a lip brush. So, this causes a problem when you are out and want to touch up your lips. But overall I like this cute tub shaped packaging, the only thing that you must have with it is a brush applicator because if you have long nails you can't apply it with your fingers, also it would be very unhygienic to dig in your fingers again and again. So I would recommend you to use a brush for application.

Inglot AMC lip paint #67
Inglot AMC lip paint # 67
Inglot AMC lip paint # 67

These AMC lip paints are basically a  fusion of lip balm, lip cream and lip glosses. The texture is so smooth and creamy just like butter. The formula is incredibly soft and creamy to apply.
It feels amazingly smooth and soft on the lips and is very moisturizing. It doesn’t require a lip balm beneath it. Although my lips are very dry and I always need a Lip balm before applying anything. But the formula itself is so hydrating that I don't need to apply anything underneath. Also it doesn't set into fine lines and doesn’t bleed at all.
It gives a sheer coverage in one swipe and you can build up the colour in more swipes.  Finish is somewhat glossy but not too much.

Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch
Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch
Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch

The staying power is around 3-4 hours on my lips without having any meals. But once you eat or drink it starts fading out , so I can say it doesn't survive meals. Reason being its creamy formula obviously. But with that buttery texture the staying power is decent in my opinion.
As you can see in pictures, the shade is beautiful pink. I have wore this shade both day and night time with nude eyes and smokey eyes as well, and believe me it looks equally gorgeous. I really like the shade. And I always use brush applicator which is again from Inglot, for a smooth and precise application and to avoid any unhygienic conditions.

The only backdrop I found is its shorter staying power, but as I have mentioned earlier it might be due to its creamy texture.
I bought it for PKR 1300, bit pricey but I like this hydrating formula.

That was all for today girls. Tell me have you ever tried Inglot AMC Lip paint and how was your experience?

Till next time take care and stay blessed.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Liquid Neutrogena Face Wash Review

Hi girls,
Hope you are having a great weekend. Today the product under the spot light is Liquid Neutrogena face wash.
Neutrogena is a brand very well known around the world. It is trusted among ladies for its make up and skin care products.
I am already using its sunscreen, Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch, since long and I am very much satisfied with it. You can check out my detailed review about it  here .

First of all let me tell you about my skin type. It's very dry and even in summer I can not live without a moisturizer.
Now coming to the product. Liquid Neutrogena comes in a cardboard box, inside there is a transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I always love such bottles with pump dispenser because it makes the liquid or semi liquid product inside to dispense out very easily, without creating any mess and the other thing is that it is very hygienic this way. So thumbs up for packaging.
The outer card board box has all the information mentioned at its back, about the product, the way how to use and ingredients.

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

The product claims that it is very mild, hypoallergenic and dermatologicaly tested.
The face wash inside has a liquid consistency although it is not too watery but a little bit thicker than water. The thing I like is that it has no fragrance. Totally fragrance free. If you remember I did a post about harmful chemicals in makeup and body care products, in which I mentioned that fragrance/perfume used in cosmetics is also a chemical which is harmful for body and skin. You can read my complete post  here .
So now after knowing about these harmful chemicals and how badly they affect our body, I try to look for products that have least Of them.

Now coming back to the topic, the consistency is good for a face wash. A little amount is enough for making a good lather. Leaves skin squeaky clean. And I don't feel any extra stiffness on my skin, which is the best part for me.
The quantity of the product is fair enough, I am using it since last two months and it is not even half finished. You can imagine how long it will take to finish. Thumbs up for the product as well.

I do not remember the exact figure but the price was around PKR 800. And is easily available at reputed drugstores.
I am happy to get it and very much satisfied with its performance. I also recommend it to all those who have dry skin or who are looking for a mild face wash with less harmful chemicals.

That was all about today's post.
Have you ever tried liquid Neutrogena....? Leave your feedback in comments.

Till next time, take care and stay happy.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Recent Online Haul

Hey girls,
How are you doing.
Today I am going to share my latest online haul with you. Although I have done a few more before this one , will be sharing that altogether in one post, but this one is very special because I got some stuff that I wanted to get for myself and every time they were out of stock. But this time I was lucky enough to get my hands on them.

Now no more talk, let's go the things I purchased. Some colorpop stuff was on my wish list since long. Their liquid Matt lipstick bumble is one of them. Also wanted to get some highlighters. Bumble is out of stock most of the time. But when I saw it available on a page, I just ordered it without giving it another thought. Two more things that I added to my order were colorpop highlighter in spoon and lippie stix in Poppin.

The prices were really reasonable as compared to many other online pages. I got my parcel in two days . When I opened it I was so happy to see that all the things were packed so securely and nicely as they were meant to be. The packaging really impressed me. I give full marks to packaging. And obviously the products inside are genuine and drool worthy.

Following are the things I purchased along with prices;
Colourpop lippie stix in shade Poppin
PKR 900
Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipstick in shade Bumble PKR 1000
Colourpop highlighter in Spoon
PKR 1300
Bought them all  from an online store,
 Makeup Mistress . I am really happy with their services and will be buying more stuff from them in future.

That was all about my recent haul.  Have you tried any of the above mentioned stuff? Give your feedback in comments section.

Till next post take care and stay happy.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Brumano, A New Men's Clothing Brand

Hey girls,
Hope you are having a great time.
Today I am not reviewing any product, rather I am talking about a clothing brand for men which is new in the town, Brumano.

These days when online shopping is becoming very popular but still many people have reservations about the quality of the products and in some cases they are quite right as well.Many online stores offer products at very high prices but the quality is not compatible with these prices.

But today I am sharing with you a new clothing brand that not only sells quality products but also their prices are very good.
Brumano offers a lot of variety to choose from. It has got something for every age group.

They use extremely fine fabric and the finish is luxurious. Even tiny little details are given importance. And these are the things that make this brand stand out from the crowd of other Clothing brands.

Whether you are looking for a formal or a casual look, it's your business meeting,  going out for dinner or hanging out with friends, it has got everything for you.

Brumano has become a style statement.
And above all the best thing about this brand is that it is made in Pakistan.

This E store is offering free shipping all across Pakistan and 15 days exchange policy.

You can visit their website by clicking the following link:

You can also visit their Facebook page;

That is all for today. Till next post take care and stay blessed.

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