Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Catrice Kohl Kajal Pencil Review, Swatches

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Today I am going to review one of my favourite  pencil from Catrice. Catrice is a brand well known by most of the girls. And it is easily available in drugstores.

Girls plz excuse for small size of the pencil in pics, the size was regular but I have used it so much that it's about to finish now.

Catrice kohl kajal pencil
Catrice kohl kajal pencil

It's a classic wooden pencil that needs to be sharpened. The color of the pencil is of the shade inside.
The texture of the pencil is neither too creamy nor too hard. Lies between these two textures.
Girls actually its a Kohl Kajal pencil but I have never used in eyes rather I use it as lip liner and it gives best results to me.

Catrice kohl kajal pencil

While applying it doesn't tug and gives good pigmentation in just one stroke. Color can be build up in 2-3 strokes.

Coming to my own experience, I try to exfoliate my lips before applying it. Because the texture is between soft and hard so it gives dry matte kinda look. So exfoliation is a must. It gives a defined line to my lips.
As you can see in pictures the color is beautiful peachy nude. I love applying it as it is on my lips. It gives such a beautiful soft matte look to my lips.
As the formula is not so creamy so it does not transfers or wipes off easily. And gives a good wear time of about 3-4 hours.

Catrice pencil swatch
Catrice pencil lip swatch

And if I don't want matte look I add a clear gloss on top of it and viola.
It is a beautiful every day kinda shade. I have also paired it up with smokey eyes and that looks perfect.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Eveline Cosmetics Cream For Cracked Heels Review

Hi girls,
I hope all of you are doing well.

Today I am going to review Eveline cosmetics cream for cracked heels. I try to take little care of my feet ( in terms of applying foot cream at night). Because I don't like it at all that my hands and face are looking better but my feet are showing the worst condition. So it is better to take a little care of them.

My heels are not cracked at all. But girls I have told earlier that my skin is dry so if I don't take care of it even for a week then the top layer of my heels become dry and flaky. So this happened in this Ramazan as I could not apply cream regularly and my heels became very dry and rough so I bought this cream and started using it daily.

Lets talk about packaging. It is a squeezable tube that contains 100 ml product. The tube has a flip cap to take out the product easily.The packaging is fine I don't find any problem with it.

Now coming to the main product inside. The product claims that it shows effects in 7 days.
The cream is of white color with thick consistency. It has a very light smell that is not bothersome to me. I am using it for almost one and a half month. I have no cracks on my heels but there were dry dead skin flakes on it .
Now my heels are soft and smooth. But let me tell you it doesn't work in 7 days as it claims. After 7 days of use I couldn't find any major effect on my heels but I kept using it daily before going to bed.
Also daily while taking shower I used to remove dead skin from my heels using foot file. It really helped me a lot.

Now after one and a half month's use I can say that this foot cream can work better for slightly dry or rough heels but I am doubtful that it will work for cracked heels.
So in my point of view its an average product that can be used daily to keep your feet soft and smooth but in case your heels are in bad/worst condition you need to use something else.
I bought it from Shaheen chemist for PKR 385.

That's all about it girls. How do you keep your feet soft and smooth?Do tell me. I love your comments.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation Review, Swatches

Hi girls,
Hope all are doing well.

Today I am going to review a foundation. In fact this is my first review of any foundation, so am excited about it. Foundations are my first love in buying makeup items.
So the brand today I am going to review is Lakme. Lakme is a very well known brand from India. Previously it was considered as a drugstore brand, but now it has joined the league of high end brands in terms of price. So without further ado let's go to my review.

Lakme absolute face stylist foundation

It claims that it is a super long wearing foundation that gives medium to high coverage. It's gel cream texture blends perfectly to give skin like coverage.

Lakme absolute face stylist foundation

Now sharing my experience I will start with packaging. Lakme foundation comes in a black cardboard packaging. Inside there is black plastic squeezable bottle with black cap. The bottle has a nozzle to squeeze out the product. I like the packaging because it is travel friendly and with nozzle you can take out right amount of product. No wastage.

Now coming to the product inside. It has thick creamy consistency. When applied on skin you have to work a little hard to blend it. Also it sets quickly so you have to work faster for blending. What I do is I dilute it by adding a little moisturizer with it mix it well at the back of my hand and then apply it on my face. Second thing you can do is apply it with a wet sponge.

Lakme absolute face stylist foundation
Lakme absolute face stylist foundation after blending

After setting it gives me a matte finish. It gives medium to full coverage. After applying it I don't find any need for concealer. I start applying with minimum product and then take more as needed. In this way it doesn't feel cakey on my skin.
Lasting power is also good. It stays for 6-7 hours on my face. Actually I haven't tried for more time I am sure it can stay much longer. But in this hot humid weather nothing lasts longer on my face ( if I am going out). But while staying indoors staying power is good.

Girls I got it as a gift from friend in shade 05 Beige Honey, so I am not sure whether it is available in stores or not. You can check different online pages for its availability.

In short I would say that it is a good foundation that gives a matte finish and good staying power. Only one thing that bothers me is its consistency that is thick which takes more time for blending. But otherwise it is a good addition in my makeup items.

Girls that was all about it. Has any one of you tried this foundation before?
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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kiss Beauty Glossy Full Lip Gloss Review , Swatches

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all are doing well.
Today I am going to share with you a lipgloss that I am using these days. Although I am not a lipgloss person, but I also keep trying different brands and products that look different.

In a local cosmetic store I found this lipgloss among others. The thing that attracted me towards it is its cute packaging. There are two fairies embossed on the cap of the gloss. Also the size of the gloss tube is much bigger as compared to other glosses. I like those fairies on the cap.

Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss

You can see that the gloss looks light pink in the tube. The magic here is that when it is apllied on lips it looks transparent and as soon as the time passes by it starts getting pink slowly. And within 2 minutes you get a beautiful pink color on your lips. Just one coat is enough to get the color. I like this part of the gloss very much.

The next thing is its claim that is " long lasting 24 HR". It is long lasting but I am not sure about 24 hr claim because I have not tried for that much longer time period. But yes it stays longer and also doesn't transfer. And finally fades away with a stain that again lasts longer. So thumbs up for the staying power.
Another thing is that it does not feel sticky or heavy on lips. It has a very light fruity smell that is not bothersome.

Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss swatch
Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss swatch

I don't know the origin of this brand and this is the first product I have used of it. But I am happy after using it. In the picture you can see the swatch soon after application and then after 2 minutes the color has become darker. It might not be obvious here in pics but after applying on lips you can see the difference in two minutes.

Here after rubbing with tissue paper, you can see a beautiful light pink stain is left which lasts for the whole day on my lips.

Now concluding my post I would say that it was my unplanned purchase but i like this gloss very much. Overall it is a good product.There is no reason for not liking it.

Girls that is all for today. Leave your comments about today's post.

Take care and stay blessed.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash Review

Hi girls,

Today I am going to share with you my face wash that I am using for the last couple of months. My skin is dry and I prefer those products that are not harsh at all. Before purchasing this facewash scrub I was little hesitant because of my skin type as using scrub on daily basis would ruin my skin. But  then I thought to use it on my own way and gave it a try.

Let's start with packaging. It's a plastic bottle with a pump to take out the product which I like most because having a pump makes it convenient to take out the product, no spillage and also hygienic. You can always lock the pump to take it along while traveling.

Clearasil skin perfecting wash
Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash

Coming to the product inside. It is of white color and has cream like consistency. The granules in it are neither too much nor too less. Also they don't feel harsh on the skin.
Basically it is a duo product containing face wash and exfoliant in one. Mostly I avoid such products which are duos because you may not need both the things every time. But for this I wanted to give it a try.

The product claims that it cleanses and gently exfoliate and it contains moisturizing complex.

Now coming to my experience. As i have dry skin so I don't use it on daily basis, although it is a daily skin wash. I use it mostly twice a week. Applying on my wet face and then massaging with fingers in circular motion for 2 minutes and washing with plain water, makes my skin smooth and soft.
I also use it when I miss my routine face scrubbing due to busy schedule.

And whenever I have to spend the whole day out in sun and pollution, then at night before going to bed I use this exfoliating wash. It removes all the impurities from the pores and makes my skin clean and smooth.

Overall I would say that it is a good product. I will not suggest to use it daily, rather use it twice a week to avoid dryness problems. Or use it at night after a long day out in sun, dirt, smoke etc to unclog pores and keep your skin clean.

That's all for today girls. Hope you like today's post. Leave your comments I love reading them.

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lakme Lipconic Lipstick in 42 Review, Swatches

Hi lovelies,
Hope you are having a good time.

Today I am going to share with you a very beautiful nude shade of lipstick. I bought this baby last year in summer, used it in that season but then I totally forgot about it after putting in my stash. Yesterday while I was looking for something in my stash and found it.  So put it back on my dresser to use again these days and here is a review about it.

Lakme lipconic lipstick

First of all comes packaging. Lakme lipconic lipstick comes in a black square shaped casing which is sturdy and doesn't look cheap at all. It had an outer cardboard packaging as well but I don't have it right now ( I guess I discarded it). The cap closes with a click sound making it secure to throw it in your bag, so definitely travel friendly. The packaging is overall  good.

Now comes the main product inside. The texture is creamy and glides on smoothly. Pigmentation is really good just one swipe gives a good color payoff.
Staying power is also fine as it stays on my lips for about 3-4 hours without drinking and eating and without primer.

Lakme lipconic lipstick in 42 swatch

I mostly use it in day time during summer while going out. Because it's a beautiful peachy nude shade, perfect for the hot sunny days. I got it in shade 42.
Girls I don't remember the exact price but it was around PKR 300. So it is economical as well.
Overall it is a very good lipstick that gives matte look. Shade is beautiful , actually I bought it just because I liked the shade very much. You can also give it a try. Just exfoliate your lips properly to get good results.

That is all about today's review.
Have you ever used Lakme lipstick? Would love to know about your experience.

Take care and stay happy.

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Recent Mini Haul

Hi lovelies,

Today I am going to share my recent haul with you. Although I am a bit late posting this, because I purchased these things in Ramazan, but then I got too busy.So Now I am sharing it with you.

First of all is,
Nivea anti perspirant deodorant. It is something very necessary in summer. Price is PKR 260.

Next is Stageline cosmetics lipliner pencil. It's a nude shade that can be used alone or as a base for lipstick. It's price is PKR 515.

I also bought Creme 21 Body Milk. As my skin is dry so I love buying new moisturizing lotions and creams. I have used its cream but will be trying body milk for the first time.

Next is Eveline cosmetics cream for cracked heels. My heels are not cracked but still get very dry so i keep on switching my foot and heel creams because never satisfied with any one. Now I will check it out and see whether it works good for me or not. It's price is PKR 385.

Another thing I bought first time by Christine is its liquid glitter eye liner in blue. Found these liners on display at counter and I could not resist buying it because of its beautiful color. Other colors were also good but I just took one. Will get more if I like the quality. The price is also reasonable , only for PKR 200.

And last but not the least is Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation. I got it in shade N51 light vanilla. I so much wanted to get my hands on this foundation and now am happy to get it. It is available at PKR 2250.

That's all about my haul. I have mentioned prices of all products and purchased all of them from Shaheen Chemist F-11.

Have you used any of these products. If yes, what is your experience?
Do tell me in comments.

Till next post take care and stay blessed.

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