Friday, 30 October 2015

Jergens Moisturizers Review

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First of all sorry for not posting last week. I was under the weather and could not write the post. But now I am fine and here is my today's review.

Winters are here and now its time to do some changes in your daily skin care regime.
Today I am sharing with you my favorite moisturizing lotions.
Jergens is a brand well known all around the world. I am using its moisturizing lotions. Let's see whether it meets my expectations or not.

Jergens moisturizers
Jergens moisturizers

Right now I have three different moisturizers frm Jergens. They are Ultra healing, Shea butter and Soothing aloe. Ultra healing and Shea butter are the ones that I use in winter. And soothing aloe is the one I use in summer.

I will start with packaging. White plastic bottle with a pump to dispense the product. I love such bottles because they are very convenient to take out the product without spillage and wastage. They are hygienic and travel friendly as well. The pump gets locked easily to take it along while you are traveling. Manufacture and expiry dates are also mentioned at the bottom.So I give full marks to packaging.

The product inside is of white color and the consistency is creamy which is not too thick making it easy to apply evenly on hands and face and any other body parts. It has a very light pleasant smell that disappears in the next couple of minutes after applying.
After application, it takes a few minutes to absorb completely into the skin. But once it is dry it gives a matte finish and soft and supple skin. Doesn't feel greasy, once dried doesn't feel like anything applied.

Jergens Shea butter is a deep conditioning moisturizer with pure African Shea butter. Penetrates into the skin and gives it radiance. I use it in winters as my skin is more dry and it replenishes depleted moisture in my skin.

Jergens Soothing aloe contains aloe vera and cucumber and it is best for summer, when my skin requires light moisturizing.

Jergens Ultra healing is for extra dry skin. I use it in extreme dry weather when my skin requires intense moisturization. It instantly relieves my skin from dryness.
I use moisturizer every time after washing my hands and face.

I love these lotions by Jergens. They have a wide range for different skin types and changing weather conditions. I don't find any negative in it and it definitely recommend for you to try it.

That's all for today. Plz give me your feedback. What is your favorite moisturizing lotion/cream?

Take care and stay happy.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Balm Cabana Boy Blush Review, Swatches

Hi beauties,

Hope you are enjoying your life.
I have been obsessed with some makeup items recently, and blushers are one of them. I absolutely love pink and coral blushes. Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite blushes. And it is Cabana boy.

I saw its swatches on many blogs and just loved it. And when I saw it on an online page, grabbed one. Now this beauty is mine.

Let's talk about the product.
It comes in a cardboard packaging with a mirror inside and magnetic lid closure.  The card board packaging is not so travel friendly, but it looks so cute.
There is no applicator brush inside but it doesn't matter as I don't use them.

The balm blush Cabana Boy

It is a muted pink color with a touch of mauve and with a very slight sheen. The texture is very smooth and silky, you can really call it a buttery texture. Applies very smoothly and blends very easily. The shade is superb and translates as it is on the skin.

The balm blush Cabana Boy
The balm blush Cabana Boy

I must tell you that it is super pigmented so you should first take it little on the brush, blend it and then take more product if you require.
I have used it many times in the last couple of  months, and every time I liked it too much. It gives such a beautiful color to your cheeks. Perfect for both day and night time.
Also I am impressed with its staying power. I have wore it for 7-8 hours (without primer) and it was as fresh till the end. I am sure it can last for more than 8 hours with primer.

The balm blush Cabana boy swatch

I could not find any negative in this blush. Except that its a little pricey. I bought it from an online page Javaahir for PKR 2150. I have seen it available on many online pages.

So girls that was all for today. Has anyone tried this blush, and what is your favorite one? Do tell me , I love reading your comments.

Take care.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Stage Line Soft Liner Lip Liner Pencil Review, Swatches, Photos

Assalam o Alaikum,
Hope you all girls are having good time.

Today the product to review is Lip liner pencil by Stageline cosmetics. This is my first ever product of this brand. Let's see whether it satisfies me or not.

Stage line soft liner pencil

It is white wooden pencil with silver cap. I bought one in nude color. There is no name only the number is written which is 16. The bottom of the pencil is of same color as of shade of pencil. All the ingredients are mentioned on it.

Stageline soft liner pencil
Stageline soft liner pencil swatch

Now coming to my experience. I am totally in love with this pencil. It has soft creamy texture which helps in smooth application. There is no tugging and pulling. This is my most reached out pencil these days. I apply it as a base for every lipstick to make it long lasting. I also use this pencil as it is for a matte look and sometimes add a clear gloss on top of it for a glossy finish. 
The staying power is also very good. It stays for about 4 hours on my lips without eating and drinking.
In short because of its beautiful soft peach shade and smooth application it is my HG pencil these days.

I bought it in PKR 550 from Shaheen .

So that was all for today. Hope you like my today's post.
Which is your favorite Lip liner pencil? Do tell me in comments.

Till next post take care and stay blessed.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Pears Pure And Gentle Soap With Natural Oils Review

Hello girls,

Today the product that I am going to review is Pears soap.
First of all the thing I like about it is it's name......Pears, cute and short name.

Pears soap with natural oils

The one I bought is Pears pure and gentle soap with natural oils. It comes in card board packaging and the soap inside is again in another transparent sealed packing which is too good.
On the outer card board box all the ingredients are mentioned. And on the other side manufacturing and expiry date is also mentioned, which is again a plus point. I like its packaging.

Pears soap with natural oils

Now coming to the soap, it is of orangy brown colour, which looks more orange when new and not used but after using a few times it gets more brownish. Any ways the color doesn't matter, but the orange color looks more pretty.

When using to wash hands or body it doesn't make too much lather, but once you have finished washing you would really feel that all dirt and oil is completely washed away. I have used it for bathing   but as my skin is dry I have also tested it to wash my face. Surprisingly after washing with this soap my skin was not dry at all. I did not feel any stiffness in my skin which I usuat feel after washing my face even with my face wash.
So I am very happy with this soap that it washes and cleans my body's skin rather making it dry.

There is a little smell when you are washing, and that lingers on for sometime. It might be bothersome for some people. I am not sure but it might the smell of glycerin which is an active ingredient in it.

Another thing that I like most about Pears soap is that it neither melts at any stage nor it breaks into two pieces, like other soaps do and I hate it when soap breaks and melts and it becomes slippery and difficult to handle. It's shape remains just the same till the end.

Here in picture you can see that the soap is about to finish but it is still in shape.

The price is also very reasonable. I bought it for PKR 90 from Dwatson.
Overall I am very happy with the performance of this soap and will definitely repurchase.

That was all about my today's review. Hope you like it. Give me your feedback in comments section.

Take care and stay blessed.

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