Friday, 16 September 2016

Nee Cara Oval Foundation Brush Review

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Today I am talking about oval shaped versatile brush by Nee Cara. As you all are familiar and you must have  been looking at the spoon brush instagram trend and on YouTube videos for a while, and i really wanted to give it a go for myself.
They look so different and perfect for blending. Well I have some concerns about these brushes for application of eye shadows and their blending, I am not sure how they work in that area in real. But I was so tempted for a foundation brush, because I thought it's shape and texture would be perfect for foundation blending.

Nee Cara brushes are said to be the dupe of Artis brushes.

Nee Cara Versatile brush

The packaging is of transparent plastic box container where  small wire loops are used to keep the brush intact. The one that I got is in dull gold. The shape of the handle is just like that of a tooth brush, and the brush head is like a spoon but little bigger in size. The length and angle of the handle is perfect for application and blending.

Bristles are very soft and dense. And I didn't notice any shedding as well.
First I used it to blend foundation. After applying foundation in dots form, moving the brush in circular motion makes blending flawless. Also due to its small head size ( little bigger than tooth brush) it reaches easily at every corner and contour of the face, like around nose and eyes.
But I wanted the same sort of brush in bigger size for foundation application. This is smaller as compared to what I wanted.
So next I tried to apply blush with it . And due to its small size it worked very well for blush application. Since then, I am using it for applying blush and I am very happy with it. The size is perfect for this purpose. I have not tried but it can also be used for highlighter application on cheek bones and at the bridge of the nose.

You have to hold this brush in between your palm and fingers ( unlike other brushes which are held between thumb and forefinger), so it has non slip handle and the shape of the handle is perfect for firm grip.

Nee Cara Versatile brush
Nee Cara Versatile brush
Nee Cara Versatile brush

Overall I am very happy with the performance of this versatile brush. Because it blends the product very smoothly and seamlessly. I couldn't find any negative in it except it's size being small for foundation application.
I bought it online and it's price is PKR 900.

Have you tried these oval brushes, how was your experience? Leave your feedback in comments.

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  1. I haven't try them but you tempted me Nice post
    following you on google + and GFC hope you follow back

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  2. The brush looks worth the bucks. Great review

  3. Looks so dense and useful, I tried from another company and it also great , loved the review.

  4. Yes, i love brushes, and me going to buy this new brush line soon. Nice review. <3

  5. Thanks Fakhra for stopping by. And do get these brushes I am sure you will love them.๐Ÿ˜ƒ