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Skin Care Tips For Cold And Dry Weather

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Weather has changed a lot. This change in weather brings many other changes in our life as well. Our clothes, food, drinks  and a lot other things get changed in winters.
When so many things are changed then there should be a change in our skin care regimen as well. Because every weather has its own requirements and our skin needs more care in dry weather.

For people having dry skin this weather brings dry, stiff, cracked, flaky skin. And sometimes the condition becomes worst when not taken care of. People with normal and combination skin may not face that worst condition like eczema but still they can feel general dryness or skin tightening. The thing is whatever your skin type is, you must take care of it to keep it healthy and glowy.

Here are some tips that will help you in this regard.

**Moisturization is the key. Don't skip it even if you have oily or combination skin. Cleansing and moisturizing make a foundation for a beautiful skin. If you have oily skin, you can use a very mild moisturizer that too water based, and after application you can wipe off excess with the help of tissue or cotton balls. People having dry skin should opt for intensive moisturizing cream/lotion , try those that are oil based. But choose the oil with care because not all oils can be good for your skin.

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** Never forget to apply sunscreen before going out. And if you have to stay for a longer time in direct sunlight then reapply it after some hours.

** In extreme cold days the use of heaters is a must to make us and our home cozy and warm. Unfortunately these heaters take away all the moisture in the air making our skin more dry. The best thing to avoid it is the use of humidifiers. They get moisture in the air so keeping your skin safe from getting more dry.  You can retain moisture even if there is no humidifiers. Simply put some water in a bowl and place it in the room or close to heater. This will prevent the heat from the heater to suck moisture from the air.

** In the same way, never use too hot water for washing face/ hands or taking bath. This hot water takes away all the moisture from the skin leaving it super dry and it also makes complexion darker. Use Luke warm or hot water and avoid "too hot" water.

** If you have to wash your hands again and again then it will also leave your hand's skin dry. Instead of using soap every time try using hand sanitizer. And after every wash use moisturizer right away.

**Moisturize your skin every 2-3 hours if you feel tightening even without washing your hands or face. This happens in the case of very dry skin. So keep them well hydrated because skin gets dehydrated because of that dry weather  and you need to replenish the moisture again and again.

** If you are doing some water intensive work like washing dishes or clothes, then use gloves. Otherwise those washing liquids and detergents will ruin your hands.

** In winters change your face wash too. Use soap free or non foaming cleansers. Your regular face wash can make your skin feeling stiff. But if you don't want to use cleanser only, then use face wash that has less soap content.

**If you exfoliate your skin regularly, then give it a pace. Don't skip it totally because exfoliation can help get rid of dry flaky skin. Just use very mild exfoliator and apply with soft hands.

** If you have dry skin than at night use heavy moisturizing cream on face , hands and feet. You can add a few drops of oil in it as well . This will work whole night and in the morning you will get a soft and hydrated skin.

** And last but most important is whenever you wash your hands and face, use moisturizer right away when they are still damp. This way the moisture gets locked in to the skin making it more soft.

That is all for today. I hope today's tips will help you in the winter to take better care of your skin. How you take care of your skin in dry , cold weather? Leave feedback in comments.

Take care and stay happy.

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