Monday, 13 February 2017

My Latest Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share my latest haul with all of you.
Although I don't buy too much make up brushes, because I am very much satisfied with what I have. They are really doing a great job and I am not going to replace them.

Last month while looking for some products on different online stores, I came across a very cute brush set. And I couldn't resist my self at purchasing it.

It is a hello Kitty pink brush set. I really liked the packaging, a tin container which looks so adorable. Besides packing and container box, the brushes themselves look so cute with pink handles and white and pink bristles.

The lady was sweet enough and she sent me a set of pink ear studs too as a gift for purchasing first time from her. Really like this gesture.

I don't know about the quality of brushes because I haven't tried them yet. But I hope that they will perform well. Will be sharing my experience about these brushes soon.

The price of this set was PKR 650/.

That was all about today's short post.
Till next time take care and stay blessed.


  1. These are so cute :) Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. For the price this set looks really good. P.s its so cute <3 Nice post

  3. I loved the packing.... looking forward for a post about the quality of brushes.

    1. Thanks sis inshaAllah will be reviewing this set soon.

  4. These brushes look so cute, I love the packaging.