Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mehwish Hasan Shoots Summer 2015 Look Book

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Hair stylist and makeup artist Mahvish Hasan shot the summer 2015 look book with photographer Alee Hasan and the face of the campaign is beautiful Meera Ansari.

Mahvish Hasan trained at Tony and guy (UK) and has several years of experience in hair and makeup. Mahvish Hasan salon and spa has become the relaxing hangout for ladies looking to get pampered, in Karachi.

The summer look book demonstrates the versatile looks for outgoing and independent Pakistani women at various times of day and occasions while staying trendy and young at the same time.

Mahwish Hasan says that with this look book we want to show that how a look can be transformed from a natural day look to a glamorous look for a night out or a wedding party.

Besides beautiful hair and makeup Mera Ansari has also added an oomph to this look book.

Mahvish Hasan and Meera Ansari shooting for summer 2015 look book
Beautiful Meera Ansari

(Picture courtesy: Walnut communications)

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  1. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. shumail, you are among those lovely friendly bloggers whose post, i like to read and see. Nice post again. Hope this salon salon also have excellent services.

    1. Thank you sooooo much Kanwal. It's all your Love dear.