Sunday, 7 June 2015

Post Event : Cool Sculpting Launched in Pakistan

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Here is a good news for those people who are trying to loose their weight and shape up their body, and are using different methods like medication, dieting, exercise etc but cannot achieve their desired results.

The good news is that now Coolsculpting, the cutting edge in laser fat freezing technology by Aesthetic scciences, has launched in Pakistan. It would be exclusively available at Dr. Tasneem Nakhoda's laser soft clinic in Karachi and Dr. Haroon Nabi's skin clinic in Lahore.

Cool sculpting is an FDA approved non surgical procedure which freezes and eliminates fat cells with long term results.

"Many patients are scared of surgical procedures to remove fat because of scars and aftercare. With cool sculpting the body naturally metabolizes the frozen fat just like it would with any food we eat" said Ms Macra, an international product specialist.

According to Dr. Tasneem Nakhoda, " the results from cool sculpting are amazing, the best part is that there is no surgery and aftercare needed which many people are extremely hesitant towards "

Cool sculpting is the only device which can treat fat at any part of the body from tummy, flanks, love handles, back fat, inner and outer thighs , arms and soon will have an applicator for double chin.

The event was held in Karachi and Lahore  where the procedure was demonstrated in front of live audience of noted dermatologists, doctors and media from both the cities.

Launch of Cool sculpting in Pakistan
Launch of Coolsculpting in Pakistan

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  1. Cool sculpting looks good for those who are overweight and are looking for an easy and effective methods to loose their weight.
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