Friday, 3 July 2015

My Recent Haul: Latest Addition To My Wardrobe

Hi sweeties,

It has become very hot around here. And very difficult to go out for shopping in day time. Also the blessful month of Ramadan is almost half finished and all the Muslims around the world are gathering the blessings of Ramadan. May Allah guide us all to the right path.

So I was saying girls that in this hot weather when you start sweating from head to toe as you step out in the sun, its not easy to go out for shopping. But in the evenings we can do our most favorite job i.e shopping.

A few days back before Ramadan started, I did some shopping for stitched dresses from some famous brands. Also there was ongoing sale at that time at some brands.
See in the pics what I got.....

My recent haul
Latest addition to my wardrobe
Shopping from Chen One
Shopping from Ideas by Gul Ahmad
Latest shopping from J.

I did my shopping from Ideas by Gul Ahmad, J. , and Chen one.
All these outfits are so beautiful with soft breathable stuff and summery colors.
I think one of them would be my Eid outfit as well. I am not sure right now. What do you think hun......... Do tell me in comments.

OK girls that's all for today. Till next post take care and stay happy.

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  1. i totally love this cloth haul. chen one is my favourite clothing store too:)

  2. lovely clothes I love all of them but Gul Ahmed dress is beautiful

  3. Wahoo! love your pick. You have added some awesome stuff in your wardrobe. I like especially the blue one.

  4. Such a lovely picks, the sky blue one is perfect for summer :)

    1. Sure it is. Thank you Zubaida dear

  5. lovely selection the blue one looks pretty