Monday, 27 July 2015

TRESemme Salon Silk Shampoo Review, Photos

Assalam o Alaikum,

Hope you all girls are doing well.

Today I am going to share my views  about Tresemme salon silk shampoo. I bought it a few months back. Previously I was using Timotei shimmer shine shampoo and I was quite satisfied with it. I read some positive reviews about argan oil so I thought to try this shampoo. Now let's see whether it fulfills my requirements or not.

First of all comes the packaging. It's a 500 ml round black plastic bottle. The top of the bottle cap is pressed down to take out the product. Packaging is good in my point of view.

Now comes the product inside. The shampoo is of white color and consistency is medium thick. It has a light fragrance which is not bothersome. I have long hair and I take a small amount of product on my palm and its enough for my hair. Also it makes good lather. So you can say that a little goes a long way.

Now comes the most important part that is its performance. As it claims that it contains silk proteins and argan oil for dry frizz prone hair and it makes hair 2 times smoother. It delivers intense miniaturization to calm frizz and flyaways. Tames unruly hair leaving it 2x smoother and salon soft.

In my case I bought this shampoo because of argan oil as I read positive views about it. My main problem is frizz prone hair. So I wanted a shampoo that makes my hair soft, shiny and frizz free or minimum frizz. I am using it for more than two months. It doesn't come up to my expectations. It does not make my hair soft and shiny. Also my hair become as frizzy after getting dry as they become earlier. I am not doing any comparison, but still my previous shampoo used to make my hair much softer, shiny , manageable and to some extent less frizzy.

So girls I don't know what's the reason but with other positive things like packaging, price , quantity of the product etc. it's performance part does not meet my demands. It might suit hair with some other texture.
Now after finishing it up, I am going to switch back to my previous shampoo. But it doesn't mean at all that it's a bad product. It might prove good for hair having some other texture ( mine have become very dry these days).

So girls if you wanna try this, then its available easily at drugstores. I purchased mine from D Watson's F-10 .

That's all for today. Hope you like my today's review.

Has any one of you tried this shampoo? If yes then what is your experience? Do tell me in comments section.

Till next post. Take care and stay blessed.

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  1. I use tresseme shampoos quite often,anti breakage one keeps my hair really smooth and tangle free,thanks for sharing your honest views.

  2. nice review dear surly going to try this

  3. I usually don't switch away from my regular hair care routine but, tresemme shampoos were always in my eyes. I have tried few products by them they worked really well for me.

  4. I also try not to switch frequently. I am glad that TREsemme products suit you.

  5. I am very particular about my hair care products or shampoos etc. I agree with what you have written. Tresemme didn't really work well for me too. I think its over-hyped. Great review.

  6. Thanks Huda. Yup you are right it is over hyped.

  7. Heard a lot about this shampoo, surprised to know that it didnt deliver!

  8. Right Nyda unfortunately it didn't work for me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Right Nyda unfortunately it didn't work for me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Right Nyda unfortunately it didn't work for me. Thanks for visiting my blog.