Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kiss Beauty Glossy Full Lip Gloss Review , Swatches

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Today I am going to share with you a lipgloss that I am using these days. Although I am not a lipgloss person, but I also keep trying different brands and products that look different.

In a local cosmetic store I found this lipgloss among others. The thing that attracted me towards it is its cute packaging. There are two fairies embossed on the cap of the gloss. Also the size of the gloss tube is much bigger as compared to other glosses. I like those fairies on the cap.

Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss

You can see that the gloss looks light pink in the tube. The magic here is that when it is apllied on lips it looks transparent and as soon as the time passes by it starts getting pink slowly. And within 2 minutes you get a beautiful pink color on your lips. Just one coat is enough to get the color. I like this part of the gloss very much.

The next thing is its claim that is " long lasting 24 HR". It is long lasting but I am not sure about 24 hr claim because I have not tried for that much longer time period. But yes it stays longer and also doesn't transfer. And finally fades away with a stain that again lasts longer. So thumbs up for the staying power.
Another thing is that it does not feel sticky or heavy on lips. It has a very light fruity smell that is not bothersome.

Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss swatch
Kiss beauty glossy full lip gloss swatch

I don't know the origin of this brand and this is the first product I have used of it. But I am happy after using it. In the picture you can see the swatch soon after application and then after 2 minutes the color has become darker. It might not be obvious here in pics but after applying on lips you can see the difference in two minutes.

Here after rubbing with tissue paper, you can see a beautiful light pink stain is left which lasts for the whole day on my lips.

Now concluding my post I would say that it was my unplanned purchase but i like this gloss very much. Overall it is a good product.There is no reason for not liking it.

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  1. Shumail this gloss looks like a very natural shade gloss to be use on daily basis, in normal routine. Whats the price dear?

  2. Yup Kanwal it is a natural shade. Dear don't remember the price but will let you know

  3. The packaging is really cute and the color is nice for everyday wear. Good review:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  4. Thank you Aruba. Welcome to my blog.

  5. I love the packaging .. though m more a lipstick kind of girl instead of a lip gloss one but this is def tempting :) ♡♡