Saturday, 22 August 2015

Eveline Cosmetics Cream For Cracked Heels Review

Hi girls,
I hope all of you are doing well.

Today I am going to review Eveline cosmetics cream for cracked heels. I try to take little care of my feet ( in terms of applying foot cream at night). Because I don't like it at all that my hands and face are looking better but my feet are showing the worst condition. So it is better to take a little care of them.

My heels are not cracked at all. But girls I have told earlier that my skin is dry so if I don't take care of it even for a week then the top layer of my heels become dry and flaky. So this happened in this Ramazan as I could not apply cream regularly and my heels became very dry and rough so I bought this cream and started using it daily.

Lets talk about packaging. It is a squeezable tube that contains 100 ml product. The tube has a flip cap to take out the product easily.The packaging is fine I don't find any problem with it.

Now coming to the main product inside. The product claims that it shows effects in 7 days.
The cream is of white color with thick consistency. It has a very light smell that is not bothersome to me. I am using it for almost one and a half month. I have no cracks on my heels but there were dry dead skin flakes on it .
Now my heels are soft and smooth. But let me tell you it doesn't work in 7 days as it claims. After 7 days of use I couldn't find any major effect on my heels but I kept using it daily before going to bed.
Also daily while taking shower I used to remove dead skin from my heels using foot file. It really helped me a lot.

Now after one and a half month's use I can say that this foot cream can work better for slightly dry or rough heels but I am doubtful that it will work for cracked heels.
So in my point of view its an average product that can be used daily to keep your feet soft and smooth but in case your heels are in bad/worst condition you need to use something else.
I bought it from Shaheen chemist for PKR 385.

That's all about it girls. How do you keep your feet soft and smooth?Do tell me. I love your comments.

Take care and stay blessed.

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  1. I love to pamper my feet on daily basis I usually use oriflame feet night cream and freeman foot balm...they are your review, sorry to hear it didn't act well on crack heels.

    1. Now I am looking for something better.

  2. Aww not so good for cracked heels hmm but thanks for the honest review! :)

  3. Too bad to know the cream does't live up to its claim. However, for the price it seems like a decent cream for slightly dry heels. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Right Huda it can be used in daily routine to keep feet soft.

  4. Vaseline is also a good option fr cracked heels!

    1. Yes You are right Areej. And thanx for stopping by dear.