Monday, 28 September 2015

Christine Ey Style Liquid Eye Liner Review, Swatches

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Girls today I am going to review an eye liner which is very affordable and easily available. It's Christine liquid eye liner in blue.

Christine eye liner

I will start with the packaging. Just like other liquid liners, glass bottle but its size is slightly bigger as compared to others.Which is a good point, but the quantity is not mentioned so I cannot say whether it contains more product or not.
It claims to be water proof and hypoallergenic, written on the bottle.

This is my first eye liner of this brand. Frankly I had not much expectations from it. The colour is very beautiful blue which is very good for spring/summer. It applies very smoothly. I like its brush very much. Very slim brush which is perfect for precise application.

Now comes the most important part. The staying power is well....OK. I have not tested it for longer time period.
But it does not fulfill its two claims. It's not water proof. And not hypoallergenic as well. My eyes are very sensitive and it does sting badly in my eyes. And also it is washed away with plain water.

Christine eye liner swatches

If you want a water proof liner and you have very sensitive eyes like mine then its not for you.
Overall it's a reasonable product with price tag of PKR 200 only. Available in more colors as well. Good for experimenting with different colors at low price.

That's all about it girls. Have you ever used these liners? Do give me your feedback.

Take care and stay happy.

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  1. that looks lovely dear :D Thanks for swatching! :D

  2. The color is beautiful and the price is good.

  3. wow the color is really gorgeous i really like reading review on you blog . keep up the good work

  4. Too bad it stings. The shade is beautiful though.

    Chaste & Beautiful

  5. Yup the color is beautiful but I can't use it.