Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kryolan TV Paint Stick Review, Swatches

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Today I am going to review Kryolan TV paint stick. Kryolan is a very well known brand that offers quality products in affordable range.
Kryolan TV paint stick is cream foundation in  stick form. The shade that I got is ivory that perfectly suits my skin tone.

Kryolan TV paint stick is very popular to be used on brides and for photography purposes. The reason is that it provides medium to full coverage. Online it is available in more than 200 shades.

This paint stick is available in cylindrical form. Inside there is twist up stick. The cap also closes tightly , so it is travel friendly. The packaging is good enough.

Kryolan tv paint stick in ivory
Kryolan tv paint stick in ivory

Basically it is a cream foundation in stick form. It gives medium to full coverage depending on your requirements. So it is mostly used for parties and weddings.

Coming to my experience of this stick , I always moisturize my skin before applying it because my skin is dry. Also the stick is of thick creamy consistency so moisturizing always makes the blending easier. I always apply it in the form of small dots on face and neck and then blend it with wet sponge.

Most of the girls think that using stick foundation will make them looking cakey. But trust me if you apply it in proper way it will give you flawless skin. So the first step is to moisturize properly. Secondly use primer to make it long lasting. Then most important step is to apply in little quantity and in the form of dots. Then blend it with brush or fingers or wet sponge, whatever you feel comfortable with. And after blending apply more if required. Using too much in first step ends up looking cakey.
The most important thing here is blending. I always use a wet sponge for blending this foundation and it gives me best results.

Kryolan tv paint stick in ivory swatch

After blending properly it gives you a beautiful matte finish. I mostly use it when I need full coverage and it always gives me my desired results.
I also use it as a concealer when I am applying minimum makeup but need to cover my problem areas like under eyes. After that I use my compact powder only and it gives very good results.
Overall I like this stick very much for full coverage. And I don't hesitate using it for this purpose.

It is available easily at drugstores at affordable price. I bought mine from Dwatson for PKR 800 in ivory shade, almost a year back. Now it is around PKR 1200.

That's all for today girls. Hope you like my post. Comment below about your experience. Love to read them and reply.

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  1. I also have this in ivory shade, its a good full coverage foundation stick, nice review hon.

  2. Thanks Maya. It really gives full coverage.

  3. I bought Ivory too but it is tad bit light for me. However, it looks perfect for my skin tone at night. Nice review:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  4. Hey loved the blog review thank u for reviewing it...and u were right about the cakey look i was always worried with tv paint stick ...will try the method you proposed and what a coincidence we have the same blog outlook hehe ...wish u all the best.i followed u on google....

    1. Thanks Aysha for your appreciation. And if you blend this stick foundation with wet sponge you never get cakey look.

  5. I have heard so many good things about this paint stick. Can't wait to try it myself. Yes blending it with a wet sponge would be the best option for a non-cakey look. Thanks for the detailed review.

  6. nice review ...I used it but i always avoid too much affect i use liquid bases

    Glamorous without the Guilt

    1. I also prefer liquid bases. This one I use for full coverage.

  7. This is an amazing product without any doubt, however I usually prefer it over liquid foundation as this feels heavy on my skin.

  8. I also mostly use liquid foundation.