Monday, 20 June 2016

My Favorite Makeup Brands

Hey lovelies,

Hope you all are having a great time and gathering the blessings of Ramzan.

Today I am talking about some of my favorite make up brands. These are mostly high end brands , some of them I own and some are in my wish list.

First of all comes foundation. Estee Lauder double wear foundation and Chanel Vita Lumiere aqua skin perfecting makeup are at the top of my wish list. I have heard and read some very good reviews about them specially Estee Lauder double wear foundation.
Another one that I want to get is Nars sheer glow foundation.

In  MAC Cosmetics  I love their lippies and foundations too. Right now I own one MAC foundation and some lippies but still want more. I am always looking for my favorite shades in MAC on different online pages to get my hands on them.

 Urban Decay cosmetics  are also very well known. Their naked eye palettes are the most talked about in the blogosphere. Their naked smokey palette is in my wish list. Let's see when I can get it in my stash.

Loreal Paris is one of the top brands. I like their foundations. In the past I have been using loreal true match, and  that was very good. Recently I have got Loreal Lumi magique foundation and I am trying this beauty these days.

Sleek makeup is also one of my favorite brands in eye shadow palettes and blushes. They are super pigmented and last almost the whole day. And I really love them because of this reason. I am planning to get more Sleek eye palettes.

I am obsessed with highlighters these days. Mary Lou is my all time favorite. But I also want to get some colorpop highlighters like butterfly beach, lunch money, spoon etc. I also fancy Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. They are love.
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That was all about my today's post. What are your favorite make up brands?
Love reading your comments.

Take care and stay happy .

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  1. great interesting post dear you really have focus on the most talked about brands and no doubt they are the most loved brands by all makeup lovers

  2. Ah, I also want so many things from Colourpop. I like Mac blushes, I have tried them at my friend's place a lot of times and they do seem perfect. Whereas, you are right, L'oreal foundation are really likable. Very nice post. :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing your favourite makeup brands. I also love MAC lipsticks, with Brave and Cosmo ranking among my top five lipsticks :-) You mentioned Bobbi Brown and I have to say that it's lip color Tulle #34 is also one of my favourites, just seems to brighten up my face in a subtle, natural way :-) As for Urban Decay, well, it's Naked eyeshadow pallete has been in my wishlist since a long time, if only I could make up my mind whether to go for the first one or the second! I like L'Oreal too, especially their lipsticks and mascaras. Some other brands that I would like to recommend are Clinique (for lipsticks and eyeshadows), Maybelline (for color sensational lipsticks) and NYX (for matte lipsticks). Anyway, thanks again for the lovely post, very much enjoyed reading it :-)

  4. Thanks a lot Ramla for liking. I really like it that you read my post thoroughly and I also enjoy reading your comments. I have decided that whenever I get a chance to get any urban decay palette then I will go for smokey one. I have tried Maybelline color sensational Lipsticks and they are love. Wanna get some nyx Matt lip creams. Never tried clinique but now want to try some good shades after your suggestion. And wanna check Bobbi Brown Tulle as well. Thanks love😘.

    1. You are welcome, it's always a pleasure to communicate with you :-) And if interested then you can check out some swatches of Bobbi Brown Tulle #34 by visiting the following blogpost:

      Thanks! :-)

    2. Thanks a lot Ramla. I am definitely going to check it out☺.

    3. Hi Shumail, thank you so much for visiting my blog, it has been inactive since a long time and I lack the time to revive it. However, I wanted to say that recently I spent a lot of time and effort in trying to find good "pinkish-brown" lipsticks and I would like to share whatever little knowledge I gained on this topic with others so that it might be of some help to them. Therefore, if you ever in the future consider inviting guest writers on your blog then please keep me in mind, as it would be a pleasure and an honour for me to publish my post on my favourite "pinkish-brown" lipsticks on your wonderful blog. On the other hand, if the idea of having guests write on your blog doesn't appeal to you, then that's perfectly understandable as well, and in that case, if you can think of any other beauty blogger who might be interested then please let me know.
      Thanks ...and all the best! :-)
      --Ramla Zareen

    4. Ohhh that's great Ramla. I would love to have you as a guest writer on my blog. πŸ˜ƒ