Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Scent Of Sultan- The Bottled Veteran, Signature Fragrance Launch By J.

Fashion and lifestyle brand J. by Junaid Jamshed takes veteran cricketer Wasim Akram on board to launch signature fragrance.
Where fragrance industry in Pakistan needs hoopla, J. collaborates with the outdoorsy legend of Pakistan Cricket Team – Wasim Akram with 414. The fragrance to the acuity of celebrity’s prominent personality, just don’t see your of choice star but wear him too as a coveted brand now.  The thaumaturgy is a term often associated with spin bowling, but magic filled the air every time Wasim Akram ran in to bowl. The 1992 ball gets a perfume revamp.
J.’s fragrance 414 obtrudes as a corollary collaboration between Mane Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturer and J. Fragrances. Mane is the first French Group and one of the worldwide leaders of Fragrance industry. The presence of its President and C.E.O Mr. Jean M. Mane was another zenith of the event.
Junaid Jamshed juts as one of the most successful retail brands for Men’s wear and Women’s wear apparel and this venture was a cherry on top. The event epilogue was with the man behind J., Junaid Jamshed’s thank you précis and vital sign’s Dil Dil Pakistan. Towards the end of the event, Vital Signs was reunited for the iconic “Dil Dil Pakistan” where Shahi Hassan, Salman Ahmad and Junaid Jamshed along with other celebrities performed.
While taking the opportunity to share his views during the unveiling of the brand, Wasim Akram says, “I’m thankyou to everyone who has been here, supporting me throughout my career and making me who I am today. Whatever I am today is all because of Pakistan and your love.” Being a makeba of a husband and a dad, he remembered acknowledging his wife Shaniera Akram and children to the most for the support. “I retired almost 14 years back, but I’ve never felt the change. I’m still enjoying the respect and dignity and love, and I thanks each and every one of you sitting here.” He adds.
Junaid Jamshed and Wasim Akram are still remembered for sharing the screen together for a TVC of a renowned brand. “Me and Wasim were just at the floating phase of our careers when we got the opportunity to know each other and share the screen for Pepsi Pakistan. I know him since then and I thank him for being with me as a friend throughout. It’s a pleasure and honour for me to pay a tribute to the legend and a friend.”
The 1992 bowl, bat and trophies on the Golden Carpet Reception of the event was an elegant move by the cricketer, the warmth to share his achievements with his loved ones. It’s not iffy to call 414 the first ever personality brand of Pakistan which was fabricated by the exclusive many a meetings of Mane Perfumes Team with Wasim Akram and his wife – to get the finest scent of his personality in the bottle.
J. fragrances are considered Pakistan’s only elegant perfume brand which offers a vast range of French and oriental perfumes for men and women. These wide array of perfumes and colognes are available at all the leading stores of J. in the country and can be worn by anyone. They vary from light fresh flowery fragrances to heavy musk, which are extremely delightful and pleasant.
With the launch of Wasim Akram 414, J. is indeed seen going from strength to strength to add to its credibility. Within a short span of time, J. has expanded its reach across Pakistan and abroad. Its 70+ outlets in Pakistan alone are a testament of the efforts the company has put in to become the country's largest fashion retail brand.. Aside from its extensive network of branches across Pakistan, J. has also set its foot in USA, UK, Canada, Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia and Qatar.
So… are you ready to indulge in the Wasim Akram 414 experience?

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