Thursday, 27 October 2016

How To Wear A Shrug?

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Winters are here and now it's time to take out aur warm shawls, cardigans, capes, shrugs and other stuff. In the early days of winter when it is not too cold shawls, capes and shrugs are mostly used in the mornings and evenings. Shrugs have become a staple item in every girl's winter wardrobe.

A shrug is a cropped jacket or cardigan like garment that comes in variety of styles and lengths. Talking about design it is more closer to a sweater and is used as a wrap around shoulders and body. They are also made with different materials like wool, cotton, acrylic blends, net, cashmere etc.

Today I am talking about the ways in which shrugs can be worn.
Wearing a shrug is an easy way to add style to the over all look of the outfit with minimal effort.
There are different types of shrugs available like shawl shrugs, tie off shrugs, cropped shrugs etc. They also come with different sleeve lengths like full sleeves, quarter sleeves and short sleeves. If you have a shawl shrug you can use it in the evenings to cover your self around shoulders. Shawl shrug is larger in size as compared to other ones. It can be paired up with our traditional out fits and Western as well.

Cropped shrug or mini shrug is shorter in length and it can look best with jeans paired with long top.
Tie off shrugs come with two long strips that can be used many ways to stylize yourself. It can be used to tie a knot, make a bow or to wrap around your neck, whatever you like.
We all know that winters also bring wedding season along in our country. So if you are going to a wedding or any other party in the evening, wearing your heavily embroidered or formal dress but want to keep yourself warm at the same time, then these stylish shrugs are there to solve the problem. They can keep you warm without ruining your overall look of the dress.

You can buy  Shrugs online  . They are available in so many colours, styles and fabric. These shrugs are a must have for winters. Because they serve dual purpose of adding contrasting style elements, patterns, and colours to an outfit, while also allowing a woman to stay warm. 

You can buy  Pakistani clothes online  . Online purchasing is a hassle free and the most convenient way of shopping now a days. And it saves a lot of time as well. There is a lot of variety available online including casual, formal and party wear at most affordable prices.

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