Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Creamy Cheese Fruits Yogurt Recipe

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying these rainy days of winters. Because now winters come for a very short span of time in our country, and these are the days we can enjoy having soup, coffee, our traditional winter foods like " gajar ka halwa"( sweet dish made with carrots , milk, nuts and cheese) etc.

Today I am going to share another personal recipe of mine. In my last post I mentioned the importance of healthy foods in our lives. I also mentioned that eating healthy foods is one of my goals this year. I was not much into eating fruits a few months back. But then I decided to add fruits and raw veggies more in my daily food intake. Gradually increasing the quantity, now my lunch is made up of fruits only. I really love it and am very happy that I eat almost all seasonal fruits daily. This is really a healthy start in my life.
Now without further ado let's go to the recipe.


** Yogurt ( I use fresh yogurt)
** Cream cheese
** Cream ( fresh or packed any brand)
** Brown sugar/ Honey
** Fresh seasonal fruits ( avoid citrus fruits)
** Dry fruits/ nuts of your choice for topping ( I use walnuts)
** Chocolate chips for topping( use them occasionally)

(I have not mentioned the quantity, it all depends on your taste).


The method is super easy. Cut all fruits in cubes. Put them in a bowl. Now in another bowl add cream cheese . Cream cheese mostly has very thick creamy consistency. Make it soft and smooth with the help of whisk or fork. You can add a few drops of milk to achieve soft creamy consistency. Now add fresh cream or packed cream in it . Blend them with a fork and finally add yogurt and make a smooth mixture of all by blending with whisk or fork. Adding brown sugar or honey is optional depending on the yogurt. If you feel it sour then you can add brown sugar or honey in it to make it sweet. Now put all fruits in this creamy yogurt, mix them well. Top it with dry fruits of your choice, I add walnuts. You can also top it with chocolate chips at the end.  But use them very occasionally not on regular basis. Otherwise the basic concept of healthy eating will be lost somewhere. Same is the case with cream cheese and cream. Don't use them too much in quantity specially those people who want to loose weight, just keep it simple with more fruits and nuts and other things less.

Creamy cheese fruits yogurt

See I have shared how quick and simple recipe with all of you. And trust me it tastes so good. I started this in last Ramadan and I am  hooked to it . I don't want to change my lunch menu. I just bring variations in it by adding seasonal fruits , veggies and nuts.

That is all for today folks. I hope you like my recipe. And when you try it you will definitely love it. Share with me your feedback.

Till next time take care and stay warm.

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  1. Yummy. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe with us :) Soon gonna try this!

  2. Thanks Khadija. Do try it you will love it for sure 😃😃

  3. It looks so Yummy and easy .... Thanks for sharing love :)
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