Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Healthy Food For A Healthy Body

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First month of 2017 is about to finish . Many of us have set their goals that we want to achieve this year. We all are passionate about achieving something in our life. Among some other things one very important goal that I am going to pursue this year is healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. If we are physically and mentally healthy only then we can struggle hard to  achieve our other life goals.

It is not too difficult to start healthy eating habits. Yes we have to quit eating some food on regular basis and replace it with natural and organic food. But it must not be too difficult if you know that results are going to be awesome.

When I say good health then I want all of you to think for a while about the food that you are eating. Because our health is directly related to what we eat. There are some other factors as well like surrounding environment, daily exercise, stress level etc. But smart food choices  can make a lot of difference, and it is a first step towards a healthy life.

We all know what smart food choices are. Like eating healthy, nutritious and balanced food daily. Eating fruits, vegetables, is of utmost importance. But in fact in today's world these fruits and vegetables are ruined by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemical sprays and fertilizers have made them tasteless. On the other hand the growth hormones that are given to chickens, cows and other cattle to increase the production of milk and meat, has done the worst part. Writing all this in detail doesn't mean to make you more stressed. I just want to say that having the idea of good food and bad food in mind, you still can make healthy food choices for you. You should know that every food that is claiming to be " natural and organic", can be a lie. So today I am sharing some tips for all of you to choose healthy foods for you and your family.

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** We all love eating pizzas, burgers, fries, donuts, cakes etc. Who doesn't like eating these things........? In fact I love them too. But eat them occasionally, not on regular basis. All these things can be prepared at home as well and you know the amount of fat or sodium you are using in it. Plus food prepared at home is hygienic.

**Eat more fruits and vegetables. Believe me they are full of energy.

** Replace processed food from your refrigerators and kitchens with whole and natural food products or those that are least processed.

** When purchasing food items make a habit of checking their expiry date and ingredients list. Avoid purchasing food with high sodium, sugar, artificial flavors, colours and preservatives.

** Also try to reduce the the consumption of instant foods like instant noodles. They are not good for health.

** White sugar and salt are called white poisons. Use brown sugar instead of white and use less salt in your daily foods. Also eat brown rice instead of white rice.

** Eat fruits and nuts between meals as snacks instead of eating oily or high calorie food. You can eat nuts in many different ways like adding them in your salads, mix them in fruits and enjoy the goodness in them.

** Drink more water. Reduce the consumption of fizzy drinks and packaged juices because of high sugar content in them. Drink fresh juices.

** Reduce the consumption of oil in your daily cooking. Avoid deep frying as much as you can. And always use good quality oil.

** Cook those recipes that are quick to cook. Select the ingredients that lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart diseases, reduce cholesterol levels and are overall good for health.

That were some easy tips that can help everyone to start healthy eating habits. We all must be following some of these tips like eating more vegetables, fruits and drinking more water. But one thing I wanted to emphasize here in my post was the difference between "real natural food" and the one that claims to be " natural and organic". And the health disasters caused due to too much use of instant, and canned food.

We all know that " health is a wealth ". All the other things in life look good and attractive, only if we have this wealth. So take good care of this wealth before it is gone.

That was all about today. Hope you like my post. Send me your precious feedback.

Till next post, take care and stay healthy.

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  1. Very well. This blog post is one of the most interesting among all of those I read today.(btw I read 15 blogs today)
    Healthy eating habits are indeed very necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
    Keep sharing useful info & articles.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you sweet heart for your appreciation. Really love reading your feedback. Will be sharing more food related articles soon inshaAllah.

  2. Healthy eating is everything nice and helpful post Shumail

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  3. Great tips. Yes we all love junk food so much but eating healthy is very important. We all should develop these habits for eating healthier food and to stay fit.

    1. Yes Huda we all love junk food but the worst thing is that kids these days want to eat junk food only. They don't like to eat fruits and vegetables. We need to develop healthy eating habits specially for kids.

  4. You've set a very good goal and have inspired me with this post as well. :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Thank you Aysha πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„