Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Timotei Shimmer Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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My today's post is about the performance of my current shampoo and conditioner.

I have been using Timotei shimmer shine shampoo ( normal to dull hair) these days.
It claims that it contains 100% natural extracts from Chile and China.
A blend of rose oil from Chile and Pearl extract from China, renowned for their conditioning virtues; combined with raspberry vinegar known for its shining properties.

It claims that it makes your hair soft and shiny.

Now I will share my experience with you girls.

The packaging is good. A flat shaped bottle with a flip up cap. The bottle is fine but with such cap its not travel friendly. The shampoo inside is of light pink color which has a gorgeous light fruity smell. The texture is creamy but flowy, not runny which is good. Little is enough and makes a lot of lather.

As I have mentioned earlier in a post that my hair have become dry and frizzy for the last almost a year. But this shampoo really makes my hair soft and shiny.

Just like any other shampoo I apply it in my wet hair, work into lather, massage well from roots to tips of my hair and then rinse well.
Then I use conditioner , leave it for some minutes and then again rinse well with water.

The result is that it leaves my hair soft and shiny as it claims. As it does not claim to remove frizz, but it does reduce my frizz and fly aways to a noticeable level.

I don't use conditioner every time I wash my hair. I use it once a week mostly.
I bought them from dwatsons and the price of shampoo is PKR 250 or 280( sorry girls don't remember exact price and not that of conditioner too).

In conclusion I would say that Timotei shimmer shine is a very good shampoo at a very reasonable price. And it delivers what it claims. Really makes my hair soft and shiny.
I really love this shampoo.Using it since three years almost and will stick to it until I get something that will smooth my frizz prone hair completely.

Do tell me in comments section which one is your favorite shampoo these days?

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  1. Nice review Dear ....:)

    Minsa From Fashion Blitz

    1. Hey Minsa thanx dear. Am glad you like it. Thanx for stopping by.

  2. Lovely post! :D Welcome to the blogging world joined you in circles and also became ur follower! :D <3 Hope you'll GFC us back so we can keep in touch!

    1. Thank you so much for your love. Really need it. Sure m following you back dear.

  3. Hmmm seems good. I have dandruff prone hair, so if I use another shampoo the dandruff comes back. I only use the Head & Shoulders shampoos and those are the only ones which keep my dandruff at bay. Good post:)

    1. Yes u r right Aysha. Head and shoulders is a very good shampoo for dandruff. I have used it for so many years and was satisfied. Then my hair were not dry and frizzy. But now because they have become dry and frizzy so I had to look out for its solution so changed my shampoo.