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Loreal Paris Excellence Creme Haircolor - Caramel Brown Review

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My today's post is about Loreal Paris Excellence Creme hair color.

My hair are dark brown naturally. But so dark that sometimes look like black. I like my natural hair color. I don't dye my hair regularly.
I just dye them occasionally just to give it a change.

I like light golden brown and caramel shades in hair color.
The shade that I am going to show you today is caramel brown.

As you can see in the pictures, there are five items in the package. These are:
The protective serum
The coloring creme
The developer
The balm
An applicator
Pair of gloves
Also there is an instructions leaflet in it.

The instructions are as follows:
Use protective serum on dry unwashed hair.
Pour tube of coloring creme into the developer bottle.
Replace applicator tip and shake well.
Twist off the applicator tip immediately after shaking.
Now apply on the roots all over using applicator tip.
Spread the product all over the hair and massage well.
You can also use the comb applicator it is ideal for using on mid length.
After leaving it for given time, rinse your hair thoroughly with Luke warm water. Until water gets clear.
In the end apply balm on your wet hair , leave it for two minutes or so then again rinse well.

The instructions are given in the leaflet along with pictures.

Now coming to my experience of the product. I don't use any of the applicator provided in the package, rather I mix creme and developer in a bowl and then apply it on my hair with brush applicator. I feel by using brush applicator the dye can be applied evenly on all hair.

After leaving it into my hair for about 40 minutes I rinse it thoroughly with plain water. Then after rinsing and towel drying my hair I apply the balm on wet hair leave it for 3-4 minutes and then again rinse well.

I use the serum after my hair get completely dried. I apply it from the shoulder length till the ends of the hair. It adds softness and shine to my hair. Then I use straightner and  it takes less time to straighten my hair.

The end result is that my hair become very shiny, soft and the shade that it gives to my hair is awesome.
It doesn't give the exact color to my hair as mentioned in the package because my hair are already very dark. But I love the color of my hair afterwards , just the way I like , doesn't give any artificial look but adds a very soft look to my hair.

(You can see the beautiful shade of brown in my hair)

My hair become very shiny ,soft and frizz free. I love that shine and softness that it gives to my hair. I have used some other brands as well. But was not happy with them. They didn't last longer. I mean I could see the colored water just in the next wash and also they didn't add shine and softness.

But this is not the case with loreal. The color is not just until first wash. It lasts longer. I never saw any colored water while washing my hair. So its a big plus point.

Also the things included in the package are very useful. The thing I like most is cute little box for a very good quality pair of gloves. I have kept all these plastic boxes for storing different little stuff. Secondly the balm is not just for one time use. I don't remember exactly how many times I have used it but its enough in the bottle to use many times. The serum given in it is for use on dry hair before dying. But I use it every time after washing my hair ( after drying them). It makes my hair soft and less frizzy.

It is also enough to use many times.

So in my opinion its a very good product. I am very satisfied with it. There is just one thing that it is a little pricey. I bought it for PKR 999 from dwatsons.

So girls did u like my today's review. If u dye your hair what's your favorite and which shade you like?

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  1. such a lovely shade ....
    can it covers grey hairs too?

  2. Yes it covers grey hair as well.
    Thank you for stopping by.