Sunday, 10 May 2015

Art deco Eye Shadow in 36 Review, Photos and Swatches

Hello girls,

Today I am going to review a very cute little eye shadow by art deco.

Art deco is a German brand and easily available at drugstores and supermarkets.

The shade I am showing you today is #36. There is no name of the shade only no. is mentioned. The container is of plastic and is very cute little one. The cover is of transparent plastic and slides over the shadow container.

You can see that it slides over the pan easily. Although the size of the pan is small but little product is enough to build the color.

The shade #36 is a dull gold color. Pigmentation is good. Staying power is also fine , it can lost longer with primer underneath.

You know girls this shade is multi tasker. I apply it all over my eye lid alone very lightly to give my eyes a brighter look.
Also when working with other shades , aplly it under your brow bones and on the inner corner of eyes to give s pop of color. I also use it on my eye makeup to add a shimmer to it.

So I am very happy with this cute little  pack. The base of the container is magnetic.

Basically it is to be placed in an empty magnetic eye shadow palette that you can customize with your favorite colors.
I don't have more colors in this brand but I am going to buy more shades in it. Because if you are traveling and you have space limitations then you can easily put these small containers in your pouch. No need to take the whole palettes along.

Overall I am quite satisfied with art deco eye-shadow in 36.
Its a good option if you can customize your palette or even can get shades individually that you like most.

That's all for today girls. Have you ever tried this brand?

Stay happy and blessed.

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  1. Very Nice Post My dear :) The container of eyeshadow is so cute.. Eyeshadow is looking so pigmented. I really love the shade so I am going to put my hands over it soon. :)

    1. Thank you dear. I really like this shade.

  2. It does look lovely n pigmented :)

    1. Yup don't know about other shades but this one is pigmented.

  3. it is a lovely eyeshadow.....pigmentation is good
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    1. Thank you. Already following you dear.

  4. Such a gorgeous gold shade. Artdeco products are pretty great. Thanks for sharing

  5. Lovely shade....the packing is so cute...loved your review. Following you. Do follow me as well through gfc.

  6. Thanx Kanwal. Yup following you too.