Thursday, 28 May 2015

Unishine and OBL Nail Polish Remover Pads Review, Photos

Hey girls,

Hope you all are having a good time.
Today the product I am going to discuss is an essential item in every girl's stash specially for those who are nail paint lovers............ Yup right girls , its nail polish remover.

You know its such a hassle for me to remove my nail paint. Those liquid removers, they always leave an unpleasant smell in my hand and whenever I am going to use it again next time, the product left is less because the liquid evaporates even in the bottle.
Also you cannot put it in the bag for travel purpose.

So girls, once I was looking for some hair bands in a local cosmetic and jewelry shop, I came across this little pot of nail polish removers. I never used such removers so grabbed one for trial purpose.

Now let's talk about the product.

Unishine and Ou Bao Lian cosmetics, both are not known brands to me. The packaging doesn't look cheap at all. Both are plastic tub shaped containers and the lid closes tightly.

Inside the container in Unishine there are 38 remover pads/wipes that are round in shape. While in OBL , no of pads is not mentioned but they were enough and i have used a lot of them and still using.
They are soaked in the product and are  very soft and thin like tissue paper. When I say "soaked" it doesn't mean that there will be any dripping of the liquid.
They are very easy to use. Just pick up up a pad from container and start rubbing it on your nail very softly.

You don't need to apply too much pressure, just a few seconds and you are done. Now move to the next finger and then next................ yessss just one pad is enough for your both hands. You will see that the pad takes away all the color from your nails leaving them neat.

After finishing up all of your nails you only have to do is wash your hands with your regular hand wash or soap because it leaves your nails little bit oily which is not bothersome for me rather I like it because the oiliness does not dries my nails and cuticles.

I am so happy with this product that on my next visit I grabbed another one, although I have not finished the first one.

Actually it is very easy to use, no spillage no smell. I just finish up my nails in just less than one minute. And girls the most important thing, the price is less than PKR100 (sorry don't remember the exact price but it was around PKR 80), for so many pads inside. Isn't that a steal....?

I like it very much and will definitely purchase again because they are not messy, save my time , very economical and convenient to put in my bag.

So girls, how did you like my today's post. Have you ever used these removers?

Take care and stay happy.

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  1. wow really price is amazing and quantity is also great ...nice review dear thanks for sharing

  2. Shumail I have these one to...they are too good and effective. I just loved them.


  3. I also like them a lot Kanwal. I find them convenient as compared to liquid removers.

  4. these make the whole process of removing nail polsi easy :)
    i hav to buy this

  5. woww such a bargain .. thanks for the great review .. do check my blog hr ♡♡

    1. Thanks Sana. Yup sure dear.

    2. amazing product for its price nice post dear how about following each other i am following you follow me back at

    3. Thanx Maha. And welcome to my blog. Sure I'll do.

    4. What a product Dear ,,.....I just love it.... You have very nice writing style MA SHA ALLAH......

    5. Thank you Minsa. Its just your love my dear.