Friday, 12 August 2016

Another Haul Update

Hi girls,
Hope you are having good time.
My today's post is again a haul post. And I will try to keep it short.

This time again I purchased from Bia's cosmetics which is reliable and trustworthy online store for branded products. The things that I got are as follows:
1. Babyliss wax heater
2. Rica Brazilian wax with avocado butter
3. Ferraruci oval shaped foundation      brush

Babyliss wax heater
Rica Brazilian wax
Ferraruci oval shaped brush

I am always very concerned about hygiene whenever I visit salon, specially when it comes to waxing and facials. Also at times it is difficult to visit the salon because of tight schedule. So I wanted to get a complete waxing system for face use. Heard some good reviews about Rica Brazilian wax. It is available at Bia's cosmetics at reasonable price.So I ordered it, and with that a wax heater is essential, which is by Babyliss.

The last but not the least is ferraruci oval brush. A few months back I purchased Nee Cara Oval brush for applying foundation. That is awesome, but the size of the brush was smaller in my opinion for quick foundation application. I wanted one in bigger size. So when I saw it available at Bia's cosmetics , I ordered it without giving a second thought. You can see in pictures how elegant it looks.

Here are the prices that I paid for these items:
Rica wax 400 ml tub PKR 999
Wax heater PKR 1450
Ferraruci brush PKR 1150

That was all about today's post.

Take care and stay happy.

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  1. recommend me the best oval foundation brush plzz !!

    1. Arfah Zafar,among the brands I have tried in oval shaped brushes, ferraruci is best but it is bit expensive. Nee Cara is also very good. I will sharing my reviews on both of them very soon inshaAllah.

  2. Interesting buys!!
    Please post a detailed review on the oval brush

    1. Yeah Farya inshaAllah I shall be doing it soon.

  3. That brush really interests me, does it have a metal or plastic handle?
    Nice buys! :)
    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Thanks for liking. Yes the handle is metallic from the upper part while the lower part is covered with rubber for firm grip.

  4. I would like to provide you with more provides such as facial steamers and wax heater for your catalog if you are interested please contact me