Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Inglot AMC Lip Paint #67 Review, Swatches And Photos

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Today the product under the spot light is Inglot AMC Lip Paint # 67.
Inglot was established in Poland 30 years ago and now it has become one of the leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. It was launched in Pakistan a few months back. And soon after that I bought this lip paint from its outlet in Centaurus Mall. Since then I am using it and I think it is the best time to share my thoughts about it.

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 67 comes in a small transparent pot made of glass with a black cover  which is enclosed in a black cardboard packaging. The pot has a classy and elegant look to it.
The pot/tub shaped packaging means you need to dig in your fingers or use a lip brush. So, this causes a problem when you are out and want to touch up your lips. But overall I like this cute tub shaped packaging, the only thing that you must have with it is a brush applicator because if you have long nails you can't apply it with your fingers, also it would be very unhygienic to dig in your fingers again and again. So I would recommend you to use a brush for application.

Inglot AMC lip paint #67
Inglot AMC lip paint # 67
Inglot AMC lip paint # 67

These AMC lip paints are basically a  fusion of lip balm, lip cream and lip glosses. The texture is so smooth and creamy just like butter. The formula is incredibly soft and creamy to apply.
It feels amazingly smooth and soft on the lips and is very moisturizing. It doesn’t require a lip balm beneath it. Although my lips are very dry and I always need a Lip balm before applying anything. But the formula itself is so hydrating that I don't need to apply anything underneath. Also it doesn't set into fine lines and doesn’t bleed at all.
It gives a sheer coverage in one swipe and you can build up the colour in more swipes.  Finish is somewhat glossy but not too much.

Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch
Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch
Inglot AMC lip paint #67 swatch

The staying power is around 3-4 hours on my lips without having any meals. But once you eat or drink it starts fading out , so I can say it doesn't survive meals. Reason being its creamy formula obviously. But with that buttery texture the staying power is decent in my opinion.
As you can see in pictures, the shade is beautiful pink. I have wore this shade both day and night time with nude eyes and smokey eyes as well, and believe me it looks equally gorgeous. I really like the shade. And I always use brush applicator which is again from Inglot, for a smooth and precise application and to avoid any unhygienic conditions.

The only backdrop I found is its shorter staying power, but as I have mentioned earlier it might be due to its creamy texture.
I bought it for PKR 1300, bit pricey but I like this hydrating formula.

That was all for today girls. Tell me have you ever tried Inglot AMC Lip paint and how was your experience?

Till next time take care and stay blessed.

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  1. For that price I would expect more to be honest. Still in awe of matte lips craze so tye glossiness is just putting me off. Thanks for the honest review!!

  2. Yeah you are right Sherry it is expensive for that staying power. But I like it coz of its hydrating texture that works best for my dry lips in winters.

  3. Like the shade! :-) It's hydrating quality appeals to me too, since my lips are on the dry side. Wish it was more longlasting though, especially since frequent reapplication while out would be difficult to manage with a brush, at least for me, but then, it's difficult to find a lipstick that is both moisturizing as well as longlasting. In any case, it seems worth checking out, thanks for sharing about it :-)

  4. Thanks Ramla. Yes you are right, it is difficult to find hydrating and long lasting,both qualities in one lipstick. I also touch up my makeup very rare. So I use this lip paint mostly when I am going out for around 3-4 hours (maximum) when no touch ups are required.

  5. For the price yes, I'd want a product with more staying power thanks for posting

    1. Yeah right, it is very pricey for that staying power.