Sunday, 7 August 2016

Liquid Neutrogena Face Wash Review

Hi girls,
Hope you are having a great weekend. Today the product under the spot light is Liquid Neutrogena face wash.
Neutrogena is a brand very well known around the world. It is trusted among ladies for its make up and skin care products.
I am already using its sunscreen, Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch, since long and I am very much satisfied with it. You can check out my detailed review about it  here .

First of all let me tell you about my skin type. It's very dry and even in summer I can not live without a moisturizer.
Now coming to the product. Liquid Neutrogena comes in a cardboard box, inside there is a transparent plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I always love such bottles with pump dispenser because it makes the liquid or semi liquid product inside to dispense out very easily, without creating any mess and the other thing is that it is very hygienic this way. So thumbs up for packaging.
The outer card board box has all the information mentioned at its back, about the product, the way how to use and ingredients.

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

Liquid Neutrogena face wash

The product claims that it is very mild, hypoallergenic and dermatologicaly tested.
The face wash inside has a liquid consistency although it is not too watery but a little bit thicker than water. The thing I like is that it has no fragrance. Totally fragrance free. If you remember I did a post about harmful chemicals in makeup and body care products, in which I mentioned that fragrance/perfume used in cosmetics is also a chemical which is harmful for body and skin. You can read my complete post  here .
So now after knowing about these harmful chemicals and how badly they affect our body, I try to look for products that have least Of them.

Now coming back to the topic, the consistency is good for a face wash. A little amount is enough for making a good lather. Leaves skin squeaky clean. And I don't feel any extra stiffness on my skin, which is the best part for me.
The quantity of the product is fair enough, I am using it since last two months and it is not even half finished. You can imagine how long it will take to finish. Thumbs up for the product as well.

I do not remember the exact figure but the price was around PKR 800. And is easily available at reputed drugstores.
I am happy to get it and very much satisfied with its performance. I also recommend it to all those who have dry skin or who are looking for a mild face wash with less harmful chemicals.

That was all about today's post.
Have you ever tried liquid Neutrogena....? Leave your feedback in comments.

Till next time, take care and stay happy.

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  1. Neutrogena facewash had been my staple for a long time but then it started drying out my skin. May be they have changed the formuka now. Glad you had a good experience

  2. Thanks Sherry for stopping by. I don't know about their newest formula but let me tell you that I bought this one around 7-8 months back, but started using later.

  3. i am also using it but the packing i found is different :(

    1. Yes you are right Cydra this is the old packaging, I bought it a few months ago. Now they have changed the packaging.

  4. I love this face wash. It removes oil without drying out my skin.

    1. Yeah I like it too because of the same reason.😃