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How To Get A Good Night 's Sleep:Tips For Making Sleep Better

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My today's post is a little bit different. We mostly talk about beauty products that we use on our body and hair to make them look beautiful. But sometimes we neglect very basic and most important thing which is to keep our skin healthy, fresh and glowy so that we might not need any cosmetics on a regular basis or at least use them very minimal.
I mostly focus on using natural products to make skin beautiful and healthy. I can't wear any sort of makeup on daily basis (other than moisturizers that I use a lot).
Even when going out i try to keep it minimal.

When we talk about getting a healthy and beautiful skin then we must follow a skin care regime and a take a balanced diet. But the first thing that we should do that does not need a single penny is to take a good and sound sleep. Believe me taking a good night's sleep not only makes your skin beautiful but also affects positively on your whole body.

Today in this busy world when sometimes we feel like even 24 hours are less to finish our daily tasks, it has become very difficult to take a long sound sleep. Experts say that around 7- 9 hours sleep is a must for a healthy body and mind. And if we are sleeping less than 5 hours then it's alarming. Because in the long run it can cause many health issues for us.

Today I am sharing some simple ways that can help us having a sound sleep. I know it's difficult but not impossible. Also it is not an over night change, we can improve our sleep gradually.

So let's start.

**First of all you have to make a routine for your sleep. Try going to bed daily at a fixed time. In the beginning you will find it difficult to sleep at that time but slowly your body clock will adjust accordingly and you will feel sleepy at that time. Also fix your wake up time. And follow this routine even on weekends. If you follow your sleep_wake routine then you will feel your self more fresh and energized.

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**If you find it difficult to sleep then you should avoid having a nap in the afternoon or any other time of the day.

**If possible, try to make changes in your room. Make it more comfortable and relaxing. Use cool and soothing colours for the walls, curtains etc.

**The curtains should be of fabric thick enough for a black out in room after switching off the lights. You can also use shades for this purpose.

**The mattress and pillows that you use should be of good quality and comfortable. They should not make your body ache.

**Your room should be free from noise and all other distractions that can interrupt your sleep. Close the door and if possible close Windows too before sleep. You can also use ear plugs to avoid noise.

**Avoid heavy meals at night. Try to eat light meals and that too at least too hours before going to bed. You should not go to bed soon after eating your dinner.

**If you are consuming too much of caffeine/ nicotine in the form of tea and coffee then try to limit their consumption. And avoid these drinks in the evening or after that.

**You should take plenty of water during day time but not after the evening. Your frequent bathroom trips can interrupt your sleep badly.

**You can try some relaxation techniques for better sleep. Switch off or dim the lights. Listen to some soft music. Or read a book. Try deep breathing. You can also have a hot shower to relax your body.

**While you are in bed waiting for sleep, do not watch TV. Don't use your cellphone, tab or any other gadgets. Keep them away from your bed out of your reach.

**And last but not the least is to exercise daily. This will help you to get a deep sleep at night. Exercise not only makes your body fit but also has a positive impact on the quality of sleep.

These were some simple tips that if we follow them, can bring big change in our life. Sleep better at night daily and get a healthy body and mind and a beautiful glowing skin. What else we wish for......

That is all for today. I hope my article will help you to get a better sleep at night.

Till next time take care and stay happy.

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