Monday, 24 October 2016

Ferraruci Oval Shaped Brush Review and Photos

Hi girls,

Today the product under the spot light is Ferraruci oval brush. I did a review on Nee Cara brush as well, a few weeks ago. That brush is also very good, but it was smaller in size for foundation blending. And I was looking for one bigger in size to do work more quickly and efficiently. You can read my review on Nee Cara oval brush
 here .

Luckily while searching different online stores, I found a set of Ferraruci oval brushes on Bia's cosmetics. I selected one that was biggest in size because it was perfect to fulfill my requirement.

Without further ado let's see how it works for me.

Look at the packaging. It looks and feels so luxurious and classy. A black card board case with gold writing over it. Inside the box the brush is securely placed in the mould to keep it damage free.I really liked the packaging, full marks to it.

Ferraruci oval shaped brush

The brush head has dense and soft bristles made of synthetic fiber. Upper part of brush handle is metallic and the lower part (which is basically grip area) is coated with good quality rubber for handling and to avoid slipping and it makes gripping very easy.

Since I got this brush I have been using it for foundation blending. After applying foundation in dots form I blend it with this brush, and believe me it works so perfectly. I am not exaggerating at all,  it works so quickly due to its larger head, ultimately saving my time. And the foundation blends seamlessly. The bristles are flexible yet soft enough for flawless blending.
The finish that it gives looks very natural. Gives a buff-in type of application. I didn't notice any shedding of the bristles.
Trust me I haven't used any other brushes or sponge for foundation blending, after I got it. I am so happy with its performance. I am happy with my decision for owning this brush, very well investment indeed.
I would say that my search for a perfect foundation brush is over. Prior to this, I was using RT buffing brush and that is also very good at foundation blending. But it has become my staple now.
I bought it in PKR 1150 from an online store. Seems little pricey but really worth it.

Ferraruci oval shaped brush
Ferraruci oval shaped brush

I would definitely recommend it to all girls who want a best foundation blending brush.

That was all about for today folks. I hope you like my post. What is your favorite foundation brush? Have you tried these oval / spoon shaped brushes?
Leave your feedback in comments section. Love reading them.

Till next post, take care and stay happy.

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  1. i use the real techniques miracle sponge i think thats what its called it is amazing for my foundations , I have my eyes on these oval brushes for a long time thanks for the review , will invest in these in future.☺

    1. Thanks Aysha Sana for visiting. I haven't tried RT miracle sponge. But their brushes are really awesome. 😃

  2. This sounds like a really great dupe for the artis oval brush.

  3. I can't say exactly about the dupe coz I haven't tried Artis brushes. But this one is really awesome😃

  4. I always thought these brushes are very abraisive on the skin. I use the real techniques sponge and it blends really well for me :)

    1. No not at all. These brushes are very dense and velvet soft.